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You Asked and I’m Listening…


It’s so wonderful to be back home from my 10-day anniversary celebration in Maui. I’m rested and ready to jump back into providing you with valuable tools to build your business.

I had lots of time to fine-tune my goals for the upcoming months and I can’t wait to share the results with you. The products and services that I’m developing are everything you need to grow a healthy and thriving health practice.

I recently discounted my working manual, “How To Confidently Answer The Question, ‘What do you do as a Health Coach?’ by 50% and had planned to close the sale out on Sunday evening. Then the craziest thing happened. When I landed in Los Angeles to catch a layover flight back to Michigan I checked my email and I was blown away!

I had received several emails asking me to extend the sale deadline. Clients were telling me that they hadn’t checked their email all weekend and had just opened the email from Friday to realize they missed the sale.  

So here’s what I’m going to do –

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First, I’m going to extend the deadline until Tuesday, January 29th at 8:00pm ET.  That will give you plenty of time to cash in on this extraordinary 50% discount.

Next I’m going to give you a sneak peak inside the 49-page working manual. Below is a look at the table of contents so you’ll know exactly what is covered within this highly interactive 49-page workbook.

Chapter 1 – Are You Struggling Too?

Chapter 2 – The Power Of A Well-Designed Dialogue

Chapter 3 – Influence Of The Media

Chapter 4 – Help Them Connect

Chapter 5 – Draft Your Simple “Who/What Conversation”

Chapter 6 – Create Your “Who/What Conversation”

Chapter 7 – Practice, Practice, Practice

Chapter 8 – It’s All About Them

Chapter 9 – “I NEED and WANT Your Help”

Chapter 10 – Continue Building Relationship

Chapter 11 – Take Your Confidence From Fizzle To Sizzle

Chapter 12 – Move Past Your Fear

Chapter 13 – Building Personal Trust Through Commitment

Chapter 14 – Do One Thing Each Week That Scares You

Chapter 15 – A Bad Decision Is Better Than No Decision At All

Chapter 16 – Pick One Thing Each Day That Moves You Closer To Your Goals

Chapter 17 – Pick A Coach Or Mentor To Follow, Hire & Model

By working through this manual, step-by-step, Health Coaches are seeing results. They’re more focused and have developed a level of comfort in talking about their products and services that they’ve never had before. Why? Because they’ve done the work and crafted their own unique answer to the question, “What do you do as a Health Coach?”

Don’t wait! I won’t be extending this discount again. Once it ends on Tuesday, January 29th at 8:00pm ET that will be it.

Let’s make sure that you are fully equipped to sign that next client and meet your income goals for 2013.

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With love and support,
Karen Pattock