When I was a health coach my main client attraction and client enrollment tool was wellness workshops. I ran them on a monthly basis like clockwork and in this week’s podcast episode were sharing 3 reasons why workshops help you get clients without feeling salesy.

One of the major challenges that many of my clients and other health coaches face is how to promote their programs without feeling salesy, scammy or greedy.

As health coaches, you have a tendency to be a “giver” and when it comes to promoting your programs and services, it can feel uncomfortable.

The good news is that you can build your audience of ideal client subscribers and get more clients with the same simple strategy I developed when I was a health coach: Wellness Workshops.

In this episode we will be diving into:

  • How to use workshops to grow your health coaching business in a way that will never have you feeling salesy or scammy ever again
  • The power of using a niche specific workshop title that helps you attract your ideal clients, (the title will actually weed out anyone that isn’t your ideal dream client so the virtual room will be filled with the exact people you want to work with in your programs)
  • How to design and run your workshop with a natural learning progression to get a “YES” when you offer your paid program or discovery call
  • How to position your program as the next likely action they should take after they attend your workshop to continue moving forward to reach their health goals

Workshops were the main way I built my email list when I was a health coach, so we know that this tried and true marketing strategy works.

Tune in so you can learn how wellness workshops can set you up for success in your wellness business!

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Each workshop comes with:

  • Slide deck presentation with presenter notes
  • Slide deck presentation without presenter notes
  • Show up live workbook (2 versions – pdf and word)
  • Pre-written social media posts (good for Facebook and Instagram)
  • Social media images (designed for Facebook and Instagram)
  • Marketing flyers
  • AHA moments attendee worksheet to book more discovery calls
  • Pre-recorded video presentation of the workshop, so you can learn from my delivery
  • Pre-recorded presentation transcript
  • Video training of how to customize slides with your branding

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Get 25% off Karen’s Done-for-You Wellness Workshops. Use code: PODCAST25 at checkout!

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