The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap

What if you could quickly grow your email list and enroll more clients into your paid programs by leveraging other people’s audiences?


The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap is a program that is designed to teach you how to book and deliver workshops for online connections, local gyms and yoga studios, as well as business owners that already have a list of YOUR dream clients that you can tap into.

If you’re ready to learn how to rapidly grow your email list with highly qualified leads by leveraging other people’s audiences for your wellness workshops – I’m ready to show you how!

“Before implementing a workshop model, I had tried a few different things but it was a painfully slow growth. The reason I invested in your done-for-you wellness workshops was all about saving time. I was able to change the slide deck to make it mine and having the “recipe” already in place was great. During my latest workshop promotion, I was able to grow my email list from 72 to 1,228 (mostly a cold audience I had never met). I grew my free Facebook group by 210 people. I had 152 people on the live workshop, and the total views are at 390.  I pitched my program, not knowing what to expect since it was a cold audience, and I registered 1 new client at $797.  I plan to continue to use the workshops as a client attraction tool. I now have an email nurture series planned to continue to warm them up and eventually bring them into my paid circle.”

Tani Wojcinski

Psssst… Your Audience is Looking For You.

And the Easiest Way To Help Them Find YOU and Your Coaching Program Is By Delivering Wellness Workshops.

Growing your email list with ideal client subscribers can feel like a daunting task when your marketing plan consists only of posting once per day on social media. With ever diminishing organic reach and your ideal audience being busier than ever, getting their attention can be extremely challenging.

That’s why leveraging another person’s email list can be your ticket to faster list growth and client conversion.

While word of mouth marketing is good, a personal recommendation from your local gym or online colleague can be the extra boost you need to maximize registration and attendance the next time you host a wellness workshop.


The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap is the blueprint you are looking for to confidently plan, book, and fill your workshop with your ideal client attendees simply by having other business owners promote you to their already established email list.

Not long after I became a Health Coach I created my very first wellness workshop. I promoted it at my local gym and before I knew it the registration page was filled, (and there were people on a waitlist). On the day of the workshop delivery, the room was packed and I had several people book discovery calls with me. The best part was that I signed a brand new one-on-one client from that single workshop. By leveraging the client list of my local gym, I grew my email list by 25 people and gained one new paying client.

I knew I was onto something!

I continued to book workshops at my gym, yoga studios and local businesses as well as with online colleagues that had complimentary audiences to mine. I FINALLY had a marketing strategy that was working!

And the BEST news of all was that it didn’t take long and the momentum took on a life of its own!

Once I had a few workshops under my belt I was able to get referrals for other businesses and in a very short period of time my workshop calendar was completely full.

Getting referrals to host workshops for other businesses was one of the cornerstones of my success as a Health Coach and it’s one of the things that I’m teaching you in the Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap.

The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap

By the End of This Program,
You’ll Have Mastered:


How To Establish Your Workshop Goals

ahead of time which leads to clearer communication between you and your workshop business partner


How To Customize Your Workshop Message

so your workshop partner feels like the material is a perfect fit for their audience which makes it a win-win for both of you


How To Know if You’re a Good Fit

for someone else’s audience so you can feel confident when you reach out to offer a workshop to their subscriber list and social media followers


How To Book More Workshops

by using my proven 3-phase process that is easily adapted to your busy schedule


The 14-Day Marketing Timeline

that makes it easy for your workshop partner to say yes to putting you in front of their audience because you are literally doing ALL of the work for them

Above All Else…

The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap will give you the knowledge, strategy, and resources that you need to confidently reach out to workshop partners to leverage their audiences and grow your email list with new leads at a much quicker pace than if you went about it on your own.

The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap Will Transform Your Workshop Calendar From Slow to Steady and It’s Now Open for Enrollment!

“I’ve had several requests for workshops and I knew I needed to have a few go-to presentations with well-researched information that I could just tap into and make my own. I booked a 10-session contract at $250 per presentation. Yippie! It was easy to customize to make my own as well as the wealth of information. I love the fact that you actually give us a full-length demo presentation of the materials that I can listen to.  That very action was a game-changer for me. Having your done-for-you workshop really took the stress off of not having to do the research and to pull all that information together on my own – it saved me hours, if not days, of work.  These were the same clients over a period of time an average of  8 – 12 clients per session. These sessions blended nicely together and the clients were fully engaged.  I am planning to add a few more of these wellness workshops to my coaching toolkit. I am fully convinced that I can make a quick return on my investment and save myself the hassle and stress of researching this information on my own.”

Vanessa Farrell, MPH

MCHES Certified Health Coach

What’s Inside
The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap

This training is a 60-Minute Step-By-Step Blueprint and is the only program you’ll ever need to plan and book as many wellness workshops as you want online and in person.

You’ll quickly grow your email list and enroll more clients into your paid programs by leveraging other people’s audiences.

Delivering your workshop to the audience of another trusted business owner speeds up the potential for client enrollment because it’s like having a personal recommendation before the workshop even begins, which means the workshop attendees will have an added layer of trust in you and your program.

The Wellness Workshop “Plan & Book” Roadmap includes:


A detailed 3-step “best-practices” process to initiate, negotiate and book, both online and in-person workshops with other business owners


Pre-written email templates for introduction and follow-up with workshop partners so you know exactly what to say to get booked


The top 7 proven methods to use workshops in your business to attract, nurture and enroll more coaching clients into your programs


4 key techniques to authentically customize and deliver your workshops with the perfect combination of educational and inspirational material that instantly appeals to your attendees, helping them visualize the transformational possibilities in store for them when they work with you


A comprehensive 14-day marketing timeline roadmap that outlines simple daily action steps to ensure that your workshop is a smashing success, (inclusive of when and how often to post on social media, email your list, and schedule live streams for even more registrants)

This Bonus Will Help You Bring Your
Wellness Workshop Goals To Life Even Faster

The Wellness Workshop Presentation Skills Workshop

($127 Value)

In this live training you will learn:

✔️ The #1 technique to stay on track when delivering a workshop while keeping your attendees engaged with you and your presentation leading to more overall program enrollment

✔️ One simple step to overcome stage fright by moving the attention off of you and onto the information you’ll be delivering, (This technique is also 100% effective in overcoming imposter syndrome)

✔️ How the workshop model can turn any introvert, that hates speaking in front of an audience or having the spotlight on them, into a presentation pro by using my very own “it’s all about them” process

✔️ The secret sauce for seeding your workshop presentations with stories and information that lead to greater program enrollment even if you’ve never worked with a single paying client.

✔️ How to incorporate the low-tech workshop model into your customer journey as a way of speeding up the know, like, trust factor with your attendees which will ultimately lead them to your paid programs sooner rather than later

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s in it for my workshop partner?

In the health and wellness space it’s impossible to be all things to all people so when it comes to a workshop partner introducing you to their audience, it’s simply a matter of them bringing you in as a complimentary educator. When you share your knowledge, it makes them look good as a great resource and builds them up as a trusted resource for their list. In turn, they might be a good fit for your audience as well which makes it a win-win.

How long will it take before I will find my first workshop partner?

That depends on you. The more consistent and systematic you are with your approach the quicker it will happen. It’s really a numbers game at first but once you get two or three workshop partners under your belt the momentum will quickly escalate because they’ll be recommending your workshops to their other trusted colleagues.

“I am now charging 4- and 5-figures for my workshops thanks to Karen.”
–Mark Mohammadpour

So, what do you think?

Are you ready to leverage other people’s audiences by delivering high-value wellness workshops that make your workshop partner look amazing to their followers AND grows your email list with warmed up ideal client leads?

Now’s your time!

Hi, I’m Karen Pattock!

When I first became a Health Coach I quickly realized that it was going to take more than posting on social media once a day to attract my ideal clients, grow my email list, and fill my programs. Within a few months I ran my very first online workshop, had 25 people attend, and enrolled one new client into my one-on-one coaching program. I was instantly hooked on workshops.

Then I got to thinking that if I could leverage the client list of another business by them agreeing to let me deliver a wellness workshop to their audience I could significantly speed up my business growth.

So, I went to my local gym and asked if I could deliver my sugar workshop to the other gym members. I was blown away when they immediately said yes. I posted a flyer with all the details and included a sign-up sheet. Within a few days the workshop was filled to capacity with a separate waitlist.

Over the course of 18 months, by delivering online and in-person workshops, I grew my email list from 0 – 2,000 subscribers and my workshop delivery calendar was full because my workshop partners were recommending me to other businesses.

I don’t want you to look back in 6 to 12 months from now only to realize that you don’t have a steady stream of list growth and program enrollment, leaving you wondering what could’ve been possible if you only took action by reaching out to partners to deliver workshops to their audiences.

I want you to quickly become known in your industry, both locally and online, as the expert in your niche by delivering wellness workshops to those that need and want the information… many of whom have become paying CLIENTS. Most importantly, I want you to thank yourself for the decision you made today.

ALL my best,