STEP Into Your Purpose & Profit

This 6-month program was created for motivated, self-starters who need laser guidance on specific challenges with their marketing and business strategy. The focus is on developing a customized marketing plan to achieve your goals, receiving ongoing support to implement your plan, and getting your questions answered on the spot.

Rise Up & Shine Online Inner Circle

This is your VIP, rocket-boosted, ticket to a special society of women entrepreneurs that instinctively know that they have natural talents and gifts that must be shared with the world. The woman that no longer wants to stand in her own way and is sick of hiding behind a computer screen, living in fear of her enormous potential in creating change for her clients. It’s your direct path to 5-figure consistent online income sisterhood.

Launch & Profit Online Program Launch Blueprint & Facebook Ads Coaching

Launching and promoting becomes a million times easier when you have a specific blueprint to follow. I have personally completed 50+ launches of my own and have worked privately with dozens of clients to map out their successful online launch strategies also. When you are clear on who your ideal client is, how you will get in front of them and exactly what you have to offer, you are guaranteed to generate maximum profits. Whether you want to go BIG in your launch with an email campaign + live webinars + affiliate partners or you want to generate some quick cash with a program and email list you already have, I will take all of the guesswork out of how you will close the maximum number of sales possible.

“6-Figure Marketing Mentorship” VIP Day

This program was created for the entrepreneur who is ready to overhaul their existing operation and bring their vision of a successful business to life. You’ll receive full VIP access to my expertise and guidance, along with the support and accountability you need to clarify and achieve your goals.

Hi, I’m Karen Pattock…

… and I’m an Online Promotion & Profit Strategist that teaches heart-centered female entrepreneurs how to bring their business online with maximum results in the shortest period of time. I work with brilliant women business owners who know they have a gift to share with the world but have struggled to find an online business model that generates consistent client leads and revenue – mainly because they fear stepping into the spotlight, taking control of their destiny and being confident to ask for what they are worth. As for as my gift… I’ve been there done that! Because I also struggled with taking my business online when I first started out, I know how it feels. After doing the work and getting the answers I needed to succeed I am extremely qualified to teach others how to do the same, (with a much smaller learning curve). I have a knack for breaking down the world of online marketing into easy-to-implement, step-by-step pieces. I’ve owned and operated 7 successful businesses, (both online and offline), have an accounting and business management degree and have successfully built a thriving online 6-figure coaching and consulting business in less than 3 years.

Over the past few years Karen has significantly changed my business. Her amazing sense of focus has brought me back to the necessities time and again. Having just taken her STEP Into More Profits program and while working with her privately, I am now an even bigger fan. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE who wants to grow an online business. There is no nonsense or fluff. Karen has a knack for giving concise step-by-step instructions. Her advice has become my most trusted resource and toolbox.”

Sherri Mraz

“While enrolled in this program, I celebrated my first 5-figure income month and am on track to do it again this month. Karen teaches you how to identify your ideal customers and how to build a list. The information she shared that was most valuable to me centered around how to design my programs and my sales page.”

Kathleen LeGrys

“I just finished the STEP Into Profits Program and I want to tell you how amazing it has been for me. I was unhappy with my current business model before going through the program and not sure how to take another direction. The STEP program opened my eyes to a whole other online business realm, one that really excited me, and now I can see a path for my business. I am very busy putting all of your suggestions in place and I know that once I do, I will be more successful than I ever could have been before.”  

Jen Ewing

I’m very proud of my accomplishments in the last few months. I want to say that I would not be where I am with my program and advertising if I had not completed Karen STEP Into More Profits program. While in the program, I have created my new website, created and added my free gift, as well as created and added my low priced item, all leading my sales funnel to my main program. I have posted a re-launch of my business on Facebook, sent an announcement newsletter to my original email list, and developed two FB ads, which are getting responses. All of this I attribute to what I have learned in the STEP Into More Profits Program and working with Karen over the last 6 months. Thank you Karen for the extra pointers along the way. If I can do it, you can do it, just take it ONE step at a time.”    

Linda O’Connor