There is a state of mind among many holistic health practitioners that we need to talk about immediately. You may even be among the group that has the same mindset. It is a serious problem that could be negatively impacting your business on a daily basis. What’s the problem? The problem is not knowing exactly “When does a client become a client?”

All too often holistic health practitioners are cruising along building their business and they have blinders on to the enormous potential they have to impact the lives of others.  In their defense, it’s not completely their fault. The answer to the critical question when does a client become a client lies in ‘where and when’ they received their business training.

You see my friend, business is a changin’! Like it or not, (and I hope you like it and can appreciate the incredible opportunity that has been placed before you), we are connected 24×7 because of social media. That means that people around the world can have contact with you at any time during the day or night. Let that resonate for just a moment. Can you feel the enormity of the possibilities that come with a connection like that?

If you were building a business 20 years ago, I’m sure you can remember that to get your name out there and connect with a client required a huge advertising budget or an almost door-to-door mentality. Networking events were a regular part of your monthly calendar as well as Chamber of Commerce meetings and billboard advertising. Sure, those things can still play a part in your overall business plan but they are no longer your only options.

Through the vast and immeasurable power of social media we, as business owners, can make connections and build relationships with millions of people across the globe. I don’t make that statement lightly. It doesn’t matter what specific target market you are in, this does applies to you.

Let’s focus on those connections. The relationship building that should occur once you have made a connection through social media must be a major component to your business plan. The potential to completely change the scope of your business reach is multiplied through these relationships, when nurtured regularly.

Many business owners are just focused on the numbers. You’ll hear them say that they have 5,000 likes on Facebook or 8,000 followers on Twitter. Sure those numbers matter but it is what you do with the likes and followers that matter MORE.  Let’s get back to our original question, “When does a client become a client?”

Many business owners believe it is only once a person purchases a product or service that they are moved from a “prospect” list to a “client” list. I’ll admit that’s how I was taught. That is what the laws of business used to tell us. But not anymore!

As of today I want you to change your mindset on this topic. I want you to treat each and every connection that you have through social media as your client. The old school definition that measured clients by relying on a purchase to be made is no longer an accurate way to assess your client base.

You must change your mindset today. Treat each person on your email list, those that have liked your Facebook page, have followed you on Twitter or connected with you on LinkedIn as your clients. How’s that for a mindset shift? Give these relationships the nurturing that they deserve. How will you treat your followers differently if you think of them as clients?

Here are my five top tips to nurture those relationships & treat them as your clients:

  1. Post regularly and often on every social media outlet that you are connected to It is because of regular posting that your followers will get to know you better and begin to feel a part of your community. Building relationships has always been part of business. However, these days instead of taking each person out on the golf course for a quick game, you are interacting regularly with them through social media.
  2. Share articles, tips and encouragement daily to create a community of like-minded people – The quality and quantity of your posts will go a long way in building trust in your social media relationships. Give your followers information and tips that are directly suited for their needs. Use your passion for your target market to distinguish what will fulfill their needs and wants. This is the first step in you becoming their ‘go-to’ resource.
  3. Respond in a timely manner when someone posts on your page or sends you an email – When you begin hitting the nail on the head your followers will begin interacting with you. You will begin to see them liking, sharing and retweeting your posts. The real fun begins though when they start commenting. This allows you to comment back, which starts a dialogue. It is through this dialogue that another layer of trust is added.
  4. Show your thankfulness each time you interact by saying thank you often – This is a business concept that is often overlooked. Each person that is following you offers unlimited potential. You have the potential to impact their life and they have the potential to impact your business by telling others about you. It is most certainly a situation that you should be grateful for and openly, and authentically replying with a ‘thank you’ somewhere within your response.
  5. Build relationships through consistency and graciousness – It is only when you have shown that you are consistent, trustworthy and appreciative that your followers will begin to purchase a product or service from you. The beautiful thing is that you can be building trust and growing relationships simultaneously through social media. It isn’t any longer one golf game at a time.

This is just one piece of the puzzle that you can utilize as a way of sharing your expertise to begin changing the world. Of course it takes time and practice. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen with a steady and consistent effort on your part. I know you have the desire and the drive to be the resource that so many people need in their life right now.

Focus on those that need you and BE THEIR WARRIOR!

I would be honored if you would take a moment to comment below on how this article impacted you. I promise to read and respond to every comment.

Now, go change the world one life at a time!

With love,