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Lately, I’ve seen quite a few Instagram stories with the hashtag #IYKYK.

Whenever I see a new acronym on social I take it as a personal challenge to try to figure out what it is without looking it up.

This one totally stumped me. After 20 minutes of thinking about it, I had to Google it.

If you are like me and you don’t know what it means I’m here to share it with you… IYKYK = IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW.

Ahhh it’s so simple to get it right once you have the inside scoop, but it’s often the case, until you’re in the know it can look like a foreign language.

This can often be what can happen when your ideal clients are reading your social media posts, emails, or sales pages. If you aren’t conveying your message in a clear and concise way it can feel like a foreign language to them, (and you don’t want that).

One of the most important elements of good marketing is connecting the dots between what your customers and clients want and the solution you offer.


Sometimes we think we may know what our ideal clients want, but oftentimes, we’re really guessing and that can mean there is a disconnect between your audience and your offers.

This is the most common reason for people not signing up for your free resources and enrolling in your paid programs. It’s also one of the reasons why people may sign up for your freebies but not invest in working with you – because they don’t understand how you can help them.

Try one of these three methods to get clarity on what your dream clients are looking for.

1) Your Facebook group:

If you have a Facebook group or any other online community, you can find out a ton of information about your ideal clients there. The first way to utilize your group to find out what your ideal clients want is to use the membership questions feature to screen people before you approve them to join. When you go to your admin tools section of your Facebook group, you’ll see the option for ‘membership questions’.

You can ask up to 3 questions, and one of them should give prospective members the opportunity to share their top struggles and challenges with you. A simple question to ask would be “What is your biggest struggle with ______________” This should be a very short, concise question, so people know how to answer it.

You want to keep track of the answers and look for common words and phrases they’re using to describe the problem. One way to keep track of these answers is to use Google sheets, and you can just copy and paste the answers. When you use the same words that your audience is using, they are going to feel like you really understand them, and that helps them see you as a possible solution.

2) Discovery Calls:

These calls are designed to enroll clients, but they are also meant to find out what your clients really want and see if you are a good fit to help them. Discovery calls are going to give you the most detailed and in-depth information. This is why really listening during these calls and taking notes is critical. When you ask the right questions, you are going to get invaluable market research about where they are struggling the most, how they are feeling about it, what they actually want and why they want it. Most people will open up to you during this call and you’ll get a lot more detailed information, you’ll hear their tone of voice and emotions, and you’ll have the chance to ask follow-up questions if you need clarification.

3) Surveys to your email list:

Surveys are another great option for gathering information about your target audience. You’ll get a lot more responses when you offer an incentive. I’ve done this several times with great success and my favorite incentive is to offer Amazon gift cards because everyone likes them. You can offer two $25 gift cards and let people know you will be choosing two winners at random – include the deadline of when they need to complete the survey and pick a date then you’ll announce the winners.

Your survey doesn’t have to be super involved. You can ask 3-5 questions to find out what their biggest struggle is that relates to your niche, what they have already tried, how is it impacting their life and what are their top 1-2 goals.

BONUS TIP: You don’t have to limit your surveys to just your email subscribers since you can also share the survey link on social media and in your Facebook group.


In episode 296 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re going to share 3 easy ways to find out what your ideal clients truly want, so you can attract more of your ideal clients and have more paying clients.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to gather helpful insights about what your ideal clients really want so your content speaks directly to their wants and desires
  • Which method will work best to give you the most detailed and in-depth information specifically for your dream clients
  • Examples of questions to ask to get the information you want, (yes, we’re breaking down the exact questions to ask)
  • Where to use the information you gather as a way of grabbing and keeping the attention of the people you want to work with the most

Tune in to find out how to you can easily find out the needs and desires of your prospects, so you can dramatically improve your marketing and attract more clients

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