Wellness Workshops

If I think back to my career as a Health Coach I can say with 100% certainty that wellness workshops were my #1 way to attract and enroll new clients.

Workshops are the best client attraction method that I’m constantly recommending to any wellness business owner that’s ready to turn their hobby into a full-time practice.

How can I stand so strong in that recommendation?

Because when I was a health coach, I grew my email list from 0 to 2,000 ideal client subscribers, booked discovery calls and enrolled clients into my coaching program on a regular basis… all thanks to workshops!

This week on The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re sharing with you why workshops are so powerful to make your business profitable even if you don’t have a big email list.

All you really need is at least one good workshop!

After tuning in, you’ll discover:

  • Why workshops are such a great client attraction method to grow your email list and consistently enroll new clients in your programs
  • How I personally built my health coaching practice mainly with wellness workshops and made $9,900 my first time promoting my program
  • The 3 main reasons workshops work so incredibly well, (even if you don’t believe you are a skilled and seasoned presenter)
  • How to create workshops that attract the right clients so you’re building your community of ideal clients each and every month at a faster pace than you could ever do with social media alone

If you’re ready to start building your email list with ideal client subscribers and consistently enroll new paying customers using workshops, this one’s for you!

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