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If you’re working really hard on setting up your very first website…

… or, your website has been around for a while and needs a well-deserved makeover…

Then I have great news for you!

Designing the perfect homepage isn’t difficult if you have a clear understanding of the purpose and job it serves for your business. I prefer to think of it like my website like my online home and the homepage is like the foyer where I greet a new guest.

I invite them in and give them the lay of the land to help them feel more comfortable, cozy, and empowered to get around on their own.

Let’s talk about 10 points that can help your website homepage attract your dream clients and keep them on your website long enough to decide to work with you.

I have a free downloadable 10-Point Homepage Checklist that will walk you through the 10 points with screenshot examples so you will see exactly what I’m talking about.


Did you know that your homepage is the most visited page on your website?

But if it doesn’t have these 10 essential components, potential clients may not even see your entire homepage – they’ll leave without knowing how much you can offer them!

1) Navigation Bar

The navigation bar should be located at the top of your website homepage.

At a minimum it should include a tab for the about me page, paid programs/services and a contact me form.

2) Search Icon

The search icon should also be located at the top of your website.

3) Marketing Statement

Your marketing statement is a simple one sentence structure that shares who you help, how you help, and the outcome or transformation that you offer. It’s structured like this –

I help ______________ get ______________ result using ___________ method.

We went into depth on a previous episode of the podcast called: 4 Ways To Dial In Your Marketing Message Leading To More Clients. Be sure to check it out if you need help in this area. Having a clear marketing statement is one of the most impactful parts of the equation when you’re trying to get your website visitors to hang around longer.

4) Your Picture

It’s important to include your picture at the top of your website.

As a personal brand, you are truly selling yourself as much as you are selling the transformation that you offer.

5) List Building Freebie

It’s important to add your list building freebie title near the top of your homepage as well.

It should be visible on a desktop computer without needing to scroll down to find it, (which is called above the fold). You will capture the most emails from your website visitors in this location.

6) Opt-In Box

The box for someone to add their email address should also be located above the fold. I recommend either just one box to capture their email address or two boxes, one for their first name and one for their email. Never more than two boxes though.

7) Direction/Guidance Buttons

Direction and/or guidance buttons should be located near the middle of your homepage. Be sure to download the 10-point homepage checklist for screenshots that will show you exactly how to set this up. You can grab your copy here ⇒> 10-Point Homepage Checklist

8) Testimonials

Since it’s likely that your website visitor will scan your homepage quickly, include two or three brief testimonials from past clients to pique their interest. Keep them short, two or three sentences, to instantly add credibility and social proof to your coaching.

9) Latest Blogs

If you are someone that publishes a blog through your website, add a summary of the last three blogs on your homepage. This is one of the best ways to keep your website visitor on your site longer.

10) Social Media Links

One of the easiest ways to get new social media followers is to include links from your website homepage to your main social media profile and business pages.


As we wrap up, let me share one more analogy:

Your website is your online home and your homepage is the place where your website visitor can window shop the most important aspects of your site. In essence, you are building a mini customer journey for your website homepage visitors that includes the most important things they should be paying attention to when it comes to you and your business.

In episode 321 of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll realize the benefits of hosting a monthly workshop to grow your business:

  • The main purpose of your website homepage is to maximize your visitor’s overall experience (and keep him/her on your website longer exploring all you have to offer)

  • My 10-Point Homepage Checklist and how to apply it to your website for better and quicker results

  • Why going through this exercise will be an eye-opening experience for you so you’ll be able to improve your website marketing message and attract more of the dream clients you want to work with

Interested in learning how your homepage can attract the right clients and increase your sales, then listen to episode 321 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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