Webinar Launch

Can we just agree that launching is hard, especially when it’s a webinar launch? There are so many moving parts that line up more like a choreographed dance than a marketing campaign.


If you’ve done any type of promoting you know that there is a lot involved.


A couple of months ago my friend and podcast cohost, Kathleen, went all in on a webinar promotion that included all the bells and whistles.


The launch included:

  • A variety of bonuses for different parts of the promotion
  • Live webinar delivery
  • Replay recordings
  • Multiple email campaigns
  • And the list goes on


However, even with all the best planning sometimes launches just don’t go as planned. After spending hours planning and executing a launch, it can be frustrating when things don’t turn out the way you planned.


It’s happens to all of us and the great news is that there’s so much to learn from the experience.


In this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast, Kathleen gives a behind-the-scenes debrief of what went on during her recent webinar launch.


You’ll be able to learn what worked really well and what didn’t work as well as she had hoped, so you can use what she learned for your own webinar (or program) launch.


Kathleen shares:

  • How she filled her webinar (what promotion strategies she used)
  • How long she promoted it and how many emails were sent
  • Results from her webinar
  • What didn’t go nearly as well as she planned
  • What valuable lessons she learned for next time
  • How her Facebook ads went and who she targeted
  • What lesson she almost learned the hard way (that would have cut her sales in half)


Hit play to learn all about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Kathleen’s recent webinar launch!


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