What Warren Buffet and I have in common

Everyone is talking about goal setting and giving recommendations on how you can more effectively plan the upcoming year to be your most successful. I’m definitely a planner at heart. I love setting goals, creating checklists and having a plan on how I’m getting from A to Z.

Just this week I was listening to a podcast and the presenter mentioned a goal setting technique that Warren Buffet uses to assure success each time he sets a goal.

The process described resonated with me so I took some time to research it to see if it was something that would work in my goal setting process. After reading up on it I’ve found that it has a really great premise so I wanted to share it with you.

Before we dive into the 5-step process let me set the stage. Most of my clients and followers are highly creative people. They are constantly thinking about the new programs, products and services they can create to support their ideal clients. (Maybe you see a little of yourself in that statement.)

While I completely support creativity, the downside is that it often hinders or halts implementation. When you are always in creation mode you never get to put anything into action, which also means you never generate any income.

I regularly have to tell my clients to focus on only one thing at a time. I explain that they must see it through to the end, implement it, promote it and most importantly, profit from it. Then move on to their next project.

If you see yourself in that scenario at all you are going to appreciate Warren Buffet’s 5-Step Process For Prioritizing True Success.

Are you ready to dive in?

Let’s go!

Step #1: Know what you want – List your top 25

Take the next 15-20 minutes to make a list of the top 25 things you want to do in your life and business in the upcoming year.

Step #2: Pick your Top 5

Next, circle the top 5 things on your list that are most important to you. I know it’ll be hard but do it anyway.

Step #3: Make your Top 5 Plan

The next step is to make a plan for each of the five items on your list. How are you going to make it a reality? Who do you need to enlist to help you? What tools or systems will you need to implement to be successful? (This step will take some time but it will be so worth it.)

Step #4: Marry your priorities

Ahhh…. this is probably the toughest of the 5 steps. Throw out the other 20 things on your list. They mustn’t get any attention from you until you’ve succeeded with the top 5 items.

Step #5: Know your “Avoid at all cost list” and stick to it.

This means that no matter how much you want to, you cannot spend any time focusing on the 20 items that aren’t in your top 5. Why? Because they are a distraction!

At the beginning of this post I talked about how creative people often don’t make it to the implementation phase. That’s because being creative can be a distraction.


Don’t let that be you. Make 2015 profitable.

Take time to go through this process and make the top 5 things on your list your only focus in the upcoming year.

I promise you that if you stick to Warren Buffet’s 5 steps listed above, you will see massive growth in your business.

Are you ready to make 2015 your best year ever?

To your success,
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