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If you’ve ever found yourself in a coaching relationship that left you feeling like you should be doing more to help your client so they can get better results, keep reading.

It’s great when a coach wants to help her clients get amazing results. I think we all feel that way as coaches and it’s certainly an admirable characteristic. The problem is that it can sabotage your coaching practice if you’re not careful when and how you deliver that additional support.

I recently had a coach post this question in my Health Coach Client Attraction group.

I am struggling with wanting to “give more” to my clients. They have meal plans, weekly calls, private Facebook group, daily tip emails, etc. but I have a hard time not wanting to check in more often because without the feedback that you get 1:1 it’s hard to know who’s really on board. Does anyone else struggle with this? And if so, do you have any tips to manage?

It’s so easy to give your time and expertise away, especially when you’re new but at the end of the day it’s not the best thing for your paying clients.


As I mentioned, it’s great that coaches want to help their clients make the most progress, however, a key to a high-value coaching relationship starts with the client investing in their success, (financially, emotionally, and commitment).

When your clients pay for a certain level of coaching they should be clear on the level of support you will be providing from the beginning. A done-for-you program typically doesn’t come with any coaching support. A group program often has live Q&As or weekly trainings where clients get some support in the areas that they are struggling. One-on-one coaching, which is your premier VIP program, usually includes lots of one-on-one coaching time as well as daily/weekly support in between calls.

When you have a client that is struggling inside your group program the answer is not to give them extra support that they didn’t pay for like private coaching calls, email support or any additional coaching outside the scope of your program.

The level of coaching that they should be receiving is dictated by the scope and price of the program that they invested in. If you give them added coaching, check-ins, and support without any additional charge you are significantly devaluing your coaching services as well as doing a disservice to those clients that did pay for your one-on-one coaching.

That’s why you should always have multiple program options for your clients. I recommend a low-priced, medium-priced, and high-priced program and those prices are determined by the amount of access they get to you.

Your best coaching support should be reserved for those that make the premium investment in your one-on-one coaching services. If you’re giving away your coaching support to your clients that technically didn’t pay for it you’ll find it very difficult to enroll anyone in your VIP program.


What should you do when you have a client struggling in your program and they clearly need additional support?

There is one proven strategy that works really well and we’re excited to share it with you.

You can offer a VIP coaching program upgrade that would include more support and one-on-one time with you. Time and time again I have had clients purchase VIP upgrades during the course of going through a program with me.

Here’s what that could look like.

They can purchase one, two, or three 30 minute sessions with you for an added cost but the cost will be slightly discounted since they are already a paying client of yours.

For example: Let’s say your one-on-one coaching typically costs $250 per hour. Since they are already in another program with you then giving them a slight price break can be a win for them and for you.

  • If your struggling client wants to purchase one 30-minute session from you then you could charge $200.
  • If they want to purchase two sessions from you then you could charge $350.
  • If they want to purchase a bundle of three sessions the charge could be $450.

As they increase the number of VIP coaching sessions they purchase from you, the per session rate goes down.

This is an excellent way to provide an option for additional support to your current clients, as well as significantly boost your revenue.

One last PRO TIP: When someone joins your group program, turn your thank you page into a VIP upgrade page. Give them the option to purchase the additional sessions right from the beginning of your program. You’ll be amazed at how much added revenue you’ll receive each time you run your group program.

If you’re excited about adding this strategy to your launch plan be sure to download my VIP Coaching Upgrade Blueprint where I’ll give you access to one of my upgrade pages as well as walk you through each section step by step.

To grab your copy just click the link below.


In episode 249 of The Wellness Business Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • Why giving your struggling client additional free support can actually do more harm than good for them and your coaching practice
  • The three levels of coaching programs we recommend and how to determine the price point for each
  • How you can turn around the experience of a struggling client with one simple offer which is a win-win for both of you
  • A Pro Tip that will instantly add significantly more revenue to your next group coaching program launch all the while supporting your new clients in a way that is perfect for them

Tune in to learn how to give your coaching clients the right amount of support to meet their needs and expectations without sabotaging your coaching practice.

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