Did you know that there are 4 billion video views on Facebook every single day? That is absolutely staggering to me.

As video becomes a more and more popular way to attract, nurture, and convert clients on social media, it no longer is a case of whether or not you should use it.

If you’re building an online business and want to attract a steady stream of ideal clients then showing up on video is no longer an option.

I know if you aren’t already showing up on video then it’s probably one of those topics that you tell yourself you’ll get to ‘someday’.

Someday when you feel more confident.

Someday when the tech is easier.

Someday when you know what the heck you’ll talk about.

Here’s the secret! It’s not going to get any easier unless you just go for it and practice. Even at 4 billion views daily, video is still an untapped marketing tool because most business owners are scared to do it.

There are 3 main categories of video you should be using in your business. If you’ve been listening to The Wellness Business Podcast for a while, you probably know we talk about the customer journey quite a bit. Each of the 3 video categories are part of the customer journey: awareness, building relationships and sales.


Visibility and Awareness videos attract your dream clients with compelling titles and keywords that capture their attention and pique their interest enough to stop the scroll to learn more.

These videos typically introduce you for the first time as a coach, the specialty you offer, as well as educate your viewers on how you can help them get results with your program. In essence it’s a great way to weed out the people that aren’t your ideal clients and in turn captivate the attention of those that are your dream customers.

These types of videos are often short and to the point. Anywhere from 1-10 minutes depending on the platform you choose.

Examples Visibility and Awareness Videos are:

  • Introduce yourself and share what you do and who you help
  • Talk about your latest blog post and share the top 3 bullet points
  • Teach something quick and easy from one of your freebies and invite them to download it

Looking for an introduction template to get you started? Grab my free One-Minute Video Introduction Script HERE.


The Branding and Relationship Building category of video digs deeper into teaching your specialty. These videos are designed to nurture and strengthen your relationship with your viewer by spending more time with them on specific topics that spotlight your paid program, answering questions, and leading your viewer to take the next step with you. They are also perfect for your pre-launch runway prior to opening cart on your paid program.

This type of video is often anywhere from 15-30 minutes in length and works best face-to-camera. This type of video can be pre-recorded, however, live is best because you can engage in real-time with your viewers.

Examples of Branding and Relationship Building Videos are:

  • Teach on a specific topic using 3 bullet points and include a specific call-to-action
  • Host a coaching hour, (or 30 minutes), where you answer questions live from the viewers
  • Use video for free challenges or jumpstarts that will likely lead to a paid program


The Client Conversion and Sales category of video is often used during a cart open period for a group program or when you have openings on your calendar for one-on-one clients. They are very program-specific and always wrap up with a call-to-action to work with you in a paid capacity.

By the time you start using this type of video your fans and followers are used to seeing you on video. They relate to you in that way and feel connected to you.

Examples of Client Conversion and Sales Videos are:

  • Specific case studies of your past clients or your past experience that directly relate to your paid program
  • Teach on a topic that will lead to a CTA of enrolling in your paid program
  • Take your viewers behind the scenes into your paid program to show them what they would be getting which leads to a CTA of enrolling in your paid program


This week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re covering: The 3 Categories Every Video Must Fall Into To Move the Needle In Your Wellness Business

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s no longer an option for you to embrace video if you’re building an online wellness business
  • The 3 categories every video must fall into to be part of your main marketing strategy for attracting your dream clients
  • What types of videos fall into each category, including examples and topics of how you can get started immediately

If you’d like to start showing up and attracting your ideal clients through video, this episode is a must!

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