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Now more than ever, showing up on video is important to move the needle in your wellness business. But many health coaches have questions about the best way to present on video, and I’m sharing some helpful tips.

One thing about this ever-changing world we live in, there is always someone helping us to reframe our limiting beliefs and that’s what this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast is all about.

If you think you have to have Tony Robbins’s level presentation skills to make an impact on video I’m here to help you see why that belief is holding you back.

When you own an online business, learning how to be a good presenter has many benefits. Improving this skill will directly impact your workshops, livestream video, stories, Reels, pre-recorded video, podcast interviews, summits, wellness fairs, etc.


Step #1 in becoming a better presenter is to Use Notes:

  • Notes will help you feel more confident in presenting
  • Notes will keep your live video on track. You won’t wander off into too much information and you won’t forget a key piece of information that you wanted to share.
  • Notes are not only acceptable, but encouraged. I always use notes for my livestream presentations and so do all great speakers.


Step #2 in becoming a better presenter is to know where live video fits into your overall Customer Journey:

  • Presentations in your customer journey can fit into a few different categories:
    · Client attraction
    · Client nurturing
    · Client conversion/enrollment
  • Presentations build relationships which is THE ONE KEY factor to getting clients and live video can do this faster than any other type of content.

Planning ahead for consistency is key so you are clear on the type of content you should be creating for each stage of your customer journey.

Here’s the thing: When you are clear on your customer journey and where in that journey live video makes sense you’ll be an overall better presenter because you’ll be doing it with intention. You’ll also be able to track your results, (ie: conversions and engagement), to know if your strategy is working.


Step #3 in becoming a better presenter is to learn how to seed your live video with stories & information that naturally leads to program sales.

There is a time to be seeding and a time to be direct. You’ll be direct for campaigns or promotions, but when you’re attracting leads and clients you want to be seeding your paid offers.

Some quick seeding techniques that I frequently use are:

  • “when I work with my clients”
  • “in my XYZ program where I create a ABC process”

Always mention success stories naturally “when I worked with my client Jane she lost 15 pounds in the first 2 months we worked together. She shared with me that it was the accountability I offered that was a game changer for her.”

Always including a call to action is also a good general practice for all your video content.

Bonus Resource: The 3 Stories You Need to Double Your Sales on Your Next Webinar Launch with Kyle Gray


Honing your craft of delivering a presentation that includes strategy and intention will go a long way to quickly growing your wellness business. That being said, you don’t have to be the Queen of Toastmasters to be a valuable and memorable presenter.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The importance of improving your presentation skills for better overall live video results and engagement
  • The #1 secret all seasoned speakers and presenters use to guarantee their video/talk goes off without a hitch, (and you can too)
  • Why getting clarity on your customer journey will directly impact the quality of your video content and delivery
  • A simple technique of selling and warming up your audience to your paid program without ever feeling salesy

Video is one of the most critical marketing tools for online businesses, and this episode shares what you need to know to become a better presenter and create amazing video content.

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