When it comes to launching a health coaching program, there are lots of moving parts and the potential for things to go wrong is high, (which in reality there’s always some type of glitch). There are so many decisions to be made and when you add in a sales strategy, like a webinar, the number of moving parts increases substantially.

Last week I was reminiscing about the first time I transitioned from the beta launch of my first coaching program, (which was a smashing success), to an ‘official all-in’ launch of the same program. Let’s just say that my actual launching experience was much different than what I thought it would be.

My beta launch was pretty easy because I didn’t really know what to expect and hey… it was a beta launch so I wasn’t promising the moon to my clients which lightened the load a bit.

But the next time I launched I had all the bells and whistles, a webinar, and some pretty lofty financial goals. Let’s just say the experience didn’t go quite as planned.

Overcoming Your Fear of Launching

Have you ever heard someone say, “launching isn’t for the faint of heart?” No truer words have ever been spoken. Simply putting yourself out there by making an offer and inviting people to invest in your paid program takes courage and stamina.

“It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth it” – Lisa Boehm

Here are some tips for making your launch a less stressful experience:

  • Put on your ‘CEO hat’ and remove any personal attachment to the outcome of your launch. If things don’t go as planned, there’s always next time and it is in no way a reflection on the content of your program or the outcome/transformation your program offers. Think of it as data you can analyze to make your next launch even more successful.
  • Simplify the customer processes. Try to make the checkout process and access to your program as simple and streamlined as possible. You want to have minimal steps/pages your customers need to go through to purchase your offer so you don’t lose them in the process.
  • Free is great in the beginning, but don’t rely on those tools forever. The tools and software needed to launch and deliver your online programs need to be aligned with where your business is currently at. Sometimes your business comes to a place where relying on free tools is no longer sufficient, so try to make these changes before your next launch. That way you’re dealing with fewer tech headaches in the middle of your launch.
  • TEST TEST TEST. There’s no better way to make sure all the moving parts in your launch are working properly. Test webinar registration, customer checkout, email reminders and confirmations, sales and thank you pages, etc. Ask your spouse or friend to test everything too so you can catch any glitches that others may experience.
  • Outsource what you don’t want to do. We’re not all tech geniuses or graphic artists, so knowing when launch tasks are something you can do versus something those that will cause frustration is essential. Let someone else handle the parts that you don’t want to do so you can focus on being present for your potential clients during your launch.

Changing Your Strategy During Your Launch

Whether you’re launching for the first time or are a seasoned launcher, there is one thing that happens in almost any launch: something can be improved and improvements can happen during your launch.

When I’m launching my programs, I usually set a low, medium, and high goal that I want to hit during my launch. This could be a specific dollar amount or a specific number of sales. Either way, I always try to at least reach my low goal.

Setting these goals helps me figure out what I need to do throughout my launch to get to the next goal. If I haven’t reached my low goal, I may change things up in order to do so. If I’ve reached my low goal but don’t think I’ll reach my medium or high goal with my current strategy, I see if there’s something I can do differently to reach those numbers. There are times when you’ll have to pivot in the middle of the launch to reach your goal. It happens to EVERYONE so roll with it.

“It’s the learning that grows our business” – Lisa Boehm

Being flexible and open to change during your launch while considering ways to improve your strategy to meet your goals is important. Launches are an evolving process, and it is always a good idea to keep an eye on all the moving parts to evaluate which changes may or may not be needed for a successful launch.

The Truth About Launching

Our guest this week on The Wellness Business Podcast is Lisa Boehm, who is sharing her recent launching experience because she recently went all in and didn’t exactly have the experience she was expecting either. She’s here to share the truth about launch – the good and not-so-good, lessons learned and what she’ll do differently next time to make her launch even more successful.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • A look behind the scenes of a fellow coach’s recent launch including what she invested in, how much she spent, and how much she generated in revenue during her open cart period
  • Why Lisa felt at times like she was pushing a boulder uphill during her launch and what she did to overcome that feeling and ultimately have great success during her sale
  • Why Lisa believes she lost several sales because clients abandoned their purchase and what she’ll do differently in May when she launches again to ensure that doesn’t happen again
  • Lisa’s top five lessons learned from her last launch and how you can apply them to your next promotion

If you’ve ever had questions about what it’s like to go ‘all-in’ on a launch, you’ll want to listen in to this episode!

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