A Facebook group might just be the very best marketing tool the platform has to offer. Particularly because it’s free, easy and highly effective.

Within a few clicks of a mouse, you can be up and running with your very own group.

What comes next thought might not be so easy though.

Filling your group with ideal clients and getting those people to engage with you can prove to be more challenging than you might think when you’re first starting out. (Are you shaking your head saying, ‘yeah Karen tell me about it?’)

Believe me, I feel your pain.

It wasn’t that long ago my Facebook group was bumping along without much engagement. Luckily with a few tweaks of my approach and a renewed sense of commitment that has completely changed.

This week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re sharing 5 Simple Tips to Troubleshoot Lack of Engagement in Your Facebook Group.

We’ve been running Facebook groups focused on wellness businesses for several years and want to share our very best tips to help you build your Facebook group community and increase engagement!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The difference between a Facebook group and a Facebook page, and why both play an important role in your wellness business
  • The importance of being selective of who may join your group to keep the integrity to only those that are your ideal clients
  • 5 Tips to help build your Facebook group community so that you and your group are the first stop when your ideal clients are looking for answers
  • The value of your Facebook group analytics; a treasure trove of intel on the group members you are trying to enroll in your programs
  • The significance the title and theme of your Facebook group play in your overall engagement

If one of your business goals is to have a highly-engaged Facebook group this is the episode for you, (even if you haven’t started your group just yet). 



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