If you feel like you’re staying busy, but at the end of the day, you aren’t sure what you actually accomplished, you are going to love our conversation today. We’re pulling back the curtain to share some of our own struggles with this, and we share what we’re doing to turn it around.

Most of us are dealing with more distractions now than ever, including social media, and these distractions are derailing our day and our productivity.

Kathleen shares how she was feeling stressed, and what she is doing now that is simple, but life changing. Karen shares what she does when she procrastinates and what she does now to avoid distractions and take control of her schedule.

Being more intentional, deliberate and focused is a game changer.

Tune in to hear an open and honest conversation and see what habits and patterns you may have developed that are sabotaging your productivity, so you can accomplish more and feel less stressed.

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Resources mentioned on this episode:

Social Media Marketing Podcast (episode 346 with guest Brian Solis)

Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast (episode 258 with guest Michael Hyatt)

Book: Life Scale by Brian Solis

Book: Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt

Book: Do Less by Kate Northrup

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