TV Episode #16 – The Winning Formula For Amazing Client Testimonials

One of the most common questions I’m asked as a mentor is, “How do I get more clients?” It’s a great question and as a business owner I’m sure that question has crossed your mind a time or two. In today’s episode of KarenPattock.TV we’ll be discussing the topic of Client Testimonials and the impact they have on attracting more clients.

If you’ve ever had a client express their gratitude to you for helping them with a problem they were experiencing you’ve experienced a form of client testimonial.

We all love to hear how we’ve changed someone’s life through our programs and services, right? It’s an amazing feeling to have that kind of impact on another person’s life.

But did you know that using testimonials on your website, in blog posts and on sales pages can actually get you more clients? It’s true!! It’s called social proof.

In this episode I’ll be teaching you when is the best time to ask your raving clients for their testimonials as well as what components make up a winning client testimonial formula.

There is no need to wait another minute… Let’s get started shall we?

Grab your notepad & a pen because you’ll definitely want to take notes.

With love & support,
Karen Pattock

JULY 12, 2013








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