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The 5 C’s To Get More Clients In Your Health & Fitness Business
By: Karen Pattock

The question I get asked the most is, “How do I get more clients?”. Of course that’s a loaded question because first I need to know what you’re already doing to get more clients. It seems like everyone is looking for the magic answer. If I just do this one thing then I’ll have more clients than I know what to do with.

I’m going to tell you there isn’t a magic answer. Rather it takes a combination of things working together to reach the level of success your looking to achieve. One thing is for sure, all of the successful people I know attribute their success to regularly doing the following five things.

#1 – Courage – It takes a huge amount of courage to step out of the 9 to 5 role to start and build your own business. We all have a certain amount of skepticism that surrounds us whenever we step out of what is considered “normal”. That my friends is the path you are meant to travel if owning your own business is a desire of yours.

The great news is that when you have a desire to be a business owner your journey will be anything but typical or boring. Get used to promoting yourself, your products and your services. As long as you are doing it in a genuine, authentic way, you will be received by your target audience with open arms.

#2 – Collaboration – Often times, especially when you are first starting your business, you may feel a sense of overwhelm or isolation. Let’s face it… it’s a lot of work. It’s because of those feelings that I recommend that you collaborate with someone in your field that you have a connection with and trust.

I’m not talking about a permanent life-long business relationship. I’m talking about collaborating with one or more people on one project. Have you ever heard the saying, “There is strength in numbers.”? Often, when you feel overwhelmed or isolated one of the best things you can do is team up with someone on a project. This process not only brings collaborative synergies, it also increases the amount of courage you have to promote your products & services.

#3 – Creativity – Being creative in your business provides the opportunity to separate yourself from others within your niche’. Don’t feel like you must stay within certain parameters because that’s the way others have always done things. Instead… shake it up a bit! Creating products & services that bring a fresh take on your approach to health and fitness will be a welcome change for those trying to become healthier.

Use this technique even while building relationships through the various social media platforms. Share your life, share humor and encouragement. Let your audience know that there is a person behind the business that understands them and can relate to what they are going through.

#4 – Consistency – Consistency is at the TOP of the list for every business owner. Do you remember when the ‘Mr. Clean Magic Eraser’ was new? It didn’t matter what time of the day or night you watched television you were bound to see a commercial for this product. I can still remember the first commercials showing a mom erasing crayon marks from a painted wall without leaving behind a scrub mark. I remember thinking that there was no way that could be true. After seeing the commercials over and over again I decided to purchase this magical eraser and see for myself if the commercials were true.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I would literally erase marks from my walls without leaving anything behind. It wasn’t long before I was using that eraser for everything. Not only was I using it for everything but I was telling everyone I knew all about it. My children used to make fun of me because I told everyone I knew about how amazing that little eraser was.

That’s why consistency in your business is such a vital component to your success. Your audience needs regular reminders. They also need many opportunities to hear what you have to offer. You should be talking about your products and services at least once per day through social media and at least a few times per month through emails and blog posts. Creating a content marketing schedule is a valuable tool for you and makes daily activities so much easier to handle.

#5 – Call-To-Action – Always, always, always include a call-to-action in every piece of content you create. If you’re not sure what a call-to-action is and how to implement it in your business watch this short video training I did called “How To Use A ‘Call To Action’ To Get More Clients”. It will explain in detail how to go about doing this in your business.

Your audience wants you to tell them exactly what their next step is. They want you to tell them where they go from here and how can they get to know you better? Make the instructions so easy and obvious that anyone could follow it. It’s your job to fill in the blanks for them.

I encourage you to implement the ‘5 C’s’ into your business right away. Once you do I’m sure you will begin to see a steady stream of clients coming your way.

With love & support
Karen Pattock





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