• Overcoming Tech Challenges

Are you a tech person or not?

I’m not asking if you ‘love’ tech, but rather if you’re capable of setting up the tech components of your business in a reasonable amount of time.

In my experience, after working with hundreds of coaches, you either identify as being a tech person or you don’t. If you aren’t tech-savvy it can be a real slow-down for your business growth.

I’m one of those people who can figure things out if I have to but I know it’s going to take me longer and I’m not going to have fun along the way, so instead, I have an amazing assistant that is a tech wizard that handles all of that for me.

That said, the first five or six years of my business I was a one-woman show and I did all of the tech myself. (This is not the example I want to set for you. There is a better way!)

One of the things I hear often from coaches when I ask what’s holding them back from reaching their goals – IS tech.

I hear them say that they are not techy or they refer to themselves as tech-challenged.

While having an online business does require a certain amount of tech, the platforms that you do need for the most part are as simple as can be to navigate once you familiarize yourself with the parts that make them work.

However, if there is something that is challenging you then you have options and that’s why this week we’re walking you through our 5-step process to overcome any tech challenge..


In this week’s episode, we’re walking you through the 5 steps, while also giving you examples along the way to help bring this roadmap to life.

Step 1 – Identify the specific tech challenge you’re having

First and foremost, you have to know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. For example, this could be setting up a MailerLite landing page, thank you page, email delivery & automated follow email sequence. That feels like a lot of moving parts but when you work inside one platform it does make it easier to navigate.

When you feel like the task is big and overwhelming it’s easy to stay in analysis paralysis. However, when you identify the specific tech challenge you’re having it may not be as big as you thought.

For example, in the scenario we mentioned a minute ago, it may be that you’re only having trouble with one piece of that puzzle, rather than the entire process. Hiring someone to help you with that one piece could be more cost-effective and a huge time-saver that makes it worth your while to bring them on board.

Step 2 – Decide if you can do it yourself with minimum learning or if you need to find someone to help you

This is the ultimate question, right? Do you need outside help which costs money vs. spending hours or even days, figuring it out yourself? There is a cost to doing it yourself.

Time spent doing that task means less time for working with clients. Does the expense savings outweigh the lost revenue? Even if you don’t have clients at the moment, time spent working on back-office tasks means you’re not doing the marketing things that attract clients to you. That’s a major trade off and has the potential of lost revenue. It has to be part of your decision-making process.

As we discussed in step 1 – if you break down the project you’re trying to complete you may find that it’s only a small portion of it that you need assistance with vs. the entire project.

Step 3 – Look for someone in your family, friends, colleague group that has tech skills that would be open to helping you

In other words, get scrappy. While you may not be the techiest person in your circle of family and friends you have a skill set that you may be able to offer as an exchange for their services. Think of bartering your services for theirs.

Maybe it’s a tech—savvy grandchild or girlfriend/boyfriend of someone you know. What can you offer in exchange? Maybe a coaching session, meal planning, or a discount on a 30-day coaching program.

Outside the health coaching space, you could offer to babysit or a week of meal prep may be a good option. Be creative and see what you could do that would help them that doesn’t include paying them.

Step 4 – Options to find the right Virtual Assistant

The easiest and best option is to ask for recommendations from other coaches. It’s always great to get an introduction from someone in your field. It takes the guesswork out of whether the VA is legit and reliable.

Another great option, and one I’ve personally used, is to post the job description in the VA Savvies FB group.

This does require a little more work and keep in mind that the job description will need to be extremely specific to get the right person. Since this will more than likely be a one-time service it makes sense to ask the applicant to give you a quote to complete the job.

If hiring someone is on your radar then be sure to listen to episode 308 of the podcast. In that episode we walk you through Getting Help Sooner Rather Than Later – 5 Steps to Take When Hiring a Virtual Assistant.

It also comes with a downloadable guide called: 10 Steps To Hiring Virtual Support That Save You Time and Money.

You’ll be glad you took the time to listen to this episode.

Step 5 – Review applicants and job quotes. Hire a skilled VA with specific instructions, milestones, and timelines

Here we are at step #5 and at this point you should have made the decision whether you’re going to work through the tech challenge yourself or hire someone to help you.
If your decision is to hire someone then it’s key to set yourself up for success by giving them specific instructions, milestones, and timelines.

Every subcontractor needs to have some form of accountability as a way of completing the job on time and giving you the results that you’re looking for. The more details you can agree upon before they start the less chance things will go off the rails. Do your best to make sure you are both on the same page.

Lastly, requiring a specific quote from them ahead of time is imperative so you know that completing the project is within your budget and they feel like they are getting paid what they are worth.


In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • A 5-step strategy that will help you determine whether it makes financial sense to stick it out to overcome the tech challenge yourself or instead, hire a virtual assistant
  • The importance of analyzing the cost implications of choosing between DIY solutions and seeking professional assistance
  • A super-simple strategy that allows you to hire someone to help you that won’t cost you a single penny
  • The best approach when hiring a virtual assistant to guarantee that you get the results you’re looking for within your allotted budget

To learn the steps to take to overcome your next tech challenge, learn more in episode 348 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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