Client Testimonials Are Like Money In The Bank

Recently I was talking to a Health Coach I know and our conversation drifted to client testimonials.  She told me that she never asks her clients for them anymore.  She used to collect them but she said she didn’t really know what to do with them so she decided to... [ read more ]

How To Grow Your Business And Be The Coach Your Clients Need

Recently I had someone ask me if it is really necessary for her to blog or do a newsletter regularly in her business.  My response was an overwhelming “Yes it is important!”  I explained why that style of regular communication was critical to her business’s success,... [ read more ]

The Fine Line Between Success and Failure!

  If I’m not careful I could say to myself, “Look at how many of my fellow Health Coaches are successful, but I’m not… maybe I should just give up.”  Is this you and how you feel at times? Trust me when I say, “you’re not alone”! Often when starting a new endeavor, in... [ read more ]

A Marriage Made In Heaven!

We all love the thought of that don’t we?  “A marriage made in heaven.” It makes us think of a couple, happily married, not a problem in their lives…. living in total bliss.  While that sounds absolutely amazing it isn’t exactly the marriage I was referring to.  I am... [ read more ]