How to Fill Your Coaching Programs Without Selling

How to Fill Your Coaching Programs Without Selling

If you’re like many coaches, then selling is the thing you dislike the most in your business. I mean there are so many things to love about owning your own coaching business but selling just isn’t one of them. Am I right? What if I told you that there is a way to... [ read more ]

Dealing with Overwhelm In Your Business

Dealing With Overwhelm In Your Business By: Karen Pattock Chances are you have either felt overwhelmed in trying to create a successful business or you’re feeling it right now.  It’s a common problem that often occurs with new entrepreneurs that have gathered... [ read more ]

Choose Your Referral Partners Based On Your Expertise

  I have to admit that when I posted my article last week, “Stand up and shout, I am an EXPERT and I CAN help you”, I was blown away by the number of comments, Facebook posts and emails that I received.  You all had lots to say and you certainly let me know that... [ read more ]