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I’ve stopped paying for Facebook ads and so has Kathleen.

After running Facebook ads for many years without a break because they worked so well, I have stopped paying for Facebook ads. There has been a shift with the platform over the last year that has caused both of myself and Kathleen LeGrys to reevaluate our strategy.

When you run an online business you always have to be ready to pivot when changes in the marketplace prove to be challenging and disruptive to your overall business plan.

This has been a very recent decision for both of us and because we like to give you some of the behind the scenes of what we do in our businesses, we wanted to share this with you.


Both Kathleen LeGrys and myself noticed an issue with our ads several months ago. Ad costs had gone way up, and they weren’t working well anymore, especially when it came to ads for our webinars.

In some cases, ad costs doubled or tripled.

We tried video, static images, different copy, different audience and the ads just fell flat no matter what we tried.

Part of this had to do with the IOS14 update last year that affected ad tracking and targeting but the reason why it happened doesn’t matter so much as the results we were getting which pretty much tanked, and this went on for months.

The other big problem we noticed was a delay in FB showing results. It was taking up to 72 hours for ad results to show up in the dashboard.

When you are only running an ad campaign for a few days, which is what we do when we launch a new program or have a flash sale, you need real time data or 24 hours at the most, so you can decide if it’s working or if you need to change things up.


One of the primary strategies I will be using is live video and livestream training.

In episode 252 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we are taking you behind the scenes to share why we stopped running Facebook ads and what we are doing instead.

I hope it gives you some ideas of what’s possible when you aren’t paying for advertising.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What lead us to the decision to stop running ads after many years
  • The challenges we were having with our ad results over the past few months and why it was the clincher for stopping paid ads
  • What we are focusing on right now instead to continue to grow our email list consistently month after month

Tune in to this brand new episode to find out what options you may want to consider if you are facing the same challenges with your ads right now.

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