Recently I was on a coaching call and the Health Coach on the other end of the line didn’t believe me when I told him how amazing he is and what an impact he is going to make on the world.  In fact, it felt as if he almost wanted to argue with me about it.  I had been working with him for approximately three months, getting all of the basic components of his business in place, and he had made great strides.  He’s ready to start coaching clients.

Through our coaching sessions, he now has a clear picture of who his target market is, where he can find them and even how he wants to approach them.  Like I said, he has made great strides in his business.  All along he has received major kudos for being so diligent in his assignments and really digging in to get the work done.  All of the foundational parts of his business are successfully in place.

So I was explaining to him the other day that he is now ready to attract clients.  He’s finally made it to the place he said he wanted to be, but guess what…. He doubts his ability to successfully coach his future clients.  I have to honestly tell you that I didn’t see that one coming.  He has been so enthusiastic all along and now he is filled with hesitation and resistance.  Once I realized what was going on I began asking him a series of very important questions.  His answers to my questions made me realize that the problem is that he doubts his expertise. 

How many of you in the past or even currently are in the same shoes as my client?  Deep down inside you feel passionately about helping people within your desired niche’, but when push comes to shove you aren’t convinced you have what it takes.  Rest assured, you aren’t alone in feeling this way…

Claiming your expertise can feel very foreign to coaches because, by nature, they are nurturers to the people around them and not so nurturing to themselves.  Taking a stand to say, “I am an expert and I can help you”, can be very scary.  When you make that statement, even if it is just in your own head, what is the very next thought that follows?  Is it, “But what if I don’t have what it takes”?  If that’s the case then I invite you to join me on a journey of self-discovery that will permanently change how you view your expertise.

In order to get your head wrapped around the concept of YOUR expertise it will take some trust on your part.  It will take you trusting that YOUR answers to the following 5 questions are true and then committing to not ever denying your truth again.  If you are ready for this journey then lets get started.

Question #1 – What are three things that you feel you have a natural gift or talent? Research shows that when you are fully using your gifts you are hundreds of times more likely to be successful with any endeavor. You will be working “in the flow” instead of feeling like you are pushing a boulder up a hill. 
 Most of us can easily state what we are NOT good at. We play
the “I stink at math” or “I am a horrible public speaker” tape in our head day after day.  To be successful and confident you will need to reprogram and FOCUS on what you ARE great at and design your life around your authentic self.

Question #2 –  What are three experiences that are part of your life’s journey that make you unique from others?

Think about your entire life.  Some of the experiences may even come from your childhood.  Don’t discount any experience that you feel has been instrumental in shaping who you are today.  Did an experience in your life make you a better listener?  Are you much more compassionate to others because you were unfairly judged at one time?  If you put your mind to it, I’ll bet you can think of many more than just three.

Question #3 – Now that you have your three life experiences listed, what is one thing from each of the three experiences, that you learned that has stuck with you?

Again, each of your life experiences shapes who you are.  It is a never-ending journey that makes you an expert in your own life.  When you incorporate what you’ve learned into your daily life you become an expert in that area.

Question #4 – What is the one thing that your friends and family ALWAYS come to you to help them with?

Do you have a natural knack for organization?  Are you a natural born party planner? Are you a great listener and shoulder to lean on?  When people are around you do you always make them feel better about themselves?  Are you a natural leader?  Whatever your talent is, embrace it because it is part of what makes you an expert and unique.

Question #5 – Who are you spending your time with and how are they influencing your confidence level?

The reason I ask this is because the people that we surround ourselves with have a great deal to do with our self-esteem.  If the people around you are inherently negative, typically it will cause you to be negative and doubt your abilities as a coach.  However, if the people around you are positive and always telling you that you are going to be a great coach then you will be more likely to feel confidence in claiming your expertise.  When you spend time with other people do you leave feeling like they have raised you up or brought you down?

I’m thrilled that you took the time to answer these 5 questions.  Now comes the faith-in-action-part.  Believe your answers!!  No more doubting your abilities and expertise as a coach.  The world needs you and your unique perspective.  

Remember, we are all works in progress.  We are always fine-tuning and growing through our daily life.  Be sure to keep this information close by.  Reference it each and every time you start to feel yourself become resistant to claiming your expertise. 

You are an expert!  I believe in you and your abilities.  Hold your head high, tell the world you’re an expert and coach those in your target market to have a happier and healthier life.  Please comment below to tell me how this article impacted you.  Can you relate to how my client feels?  I look forward to your feedback.  

To Your Success,



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