victoria-ahlen Victoria Ahlen

Live to Love the Road. Victoria loves to live a simple life with her family, teaching our children a sustainable lifestyle.

We show them in action by running and engaging them in a fair trade Moroccan artisan craft shop.

We also teach non-profit educational storytelling. All actions give back to the world. We are global citizens and act as one part of “the nomad simple life tribe”.

Charlie Kingsland-Barrow

Charlie Kingsland-Barrow is an international business coach, mentor, speaker and Amazon best-selling author, educating and inspiring thousands of women globally to create a business that is stripped of the busyness of business. As founder of the The Work Less Revolution and The Female Creatives Association, her programs and teachings enable women to reduce procrastination and overwhelm whilst scaling their profits and happiness.

Charlie followed the #worklesslifestyle dream and moved her young family 1000 miles from home to live on the sun-drenched mediterranean island of Cyprus, and prioritises family first- which led to the creation of two multiple six figure businesses numerous publication credits, and a business that works for her- not the other way around. She is passionate about women finding freedom within their business and lives.

Angela Brooks

Angela Brooks teaches women entrepreneurs, especially moms, how to match their hustle with their flow in the business so they aren’t burning themselves out. She believes that making money doesn’t matter if you aren’t doing it efficiently and she teaches how to do that.

She is all about showing women how to be more productive and work smarter in their businesses. In short, she’s redefining what hustling means for women She is  a network marketing retired nurse, wife and mom who was told she could not build her business online. Not only has she used social media to build her business, she made 6-figures and retired from her nursing job of 25 years.

She worked her business part time while she worked a full time job and followed her boys to their sporting events. She is the author of “The Nurse’s Voice” and MLM Blueprint Secrets Her passion about helping people change how they live their life with health and wealth.

tara-gentileTara Gentile

Tara Gentile is the founder of Quiet Power Strategy®, a company specializing in hands-on business training for idea-driven entrepreneurs. She’s passionate about helping people with smart ideas make more money, reach new audiences, and live life with ease. Tara is the author of The Art of Earning, Quiet Power Strategy, and The Observation Engine.

She’s the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit., a podcast that goes behind-the-scenes of the real grit, administration, and logistics of running a successful business.
Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and in the New York Times bestselling book The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and marketing all over the world.

Rachel Kersten

Growing up a home-schooled kid on a dairy farm, problem-solving skills were a necessity. Even today, Rachel considers farming to be the foundation of her success: it’s how she learned to observe, analyze, adjust and assess.

Rachel graduated with a double major in Agriculture and Marketing, then earned my Master’s degree in Information Technology. Working her way up the retail ladder, she learned how to run a bricks-and-mortar business from the ground up. Then, she transitioned to the corporate world, managing extensive projects that spanned retail, financial and technology systems. Consulting was Rachel’s next step, and she has had the pleasure of working with an incredible array of companies and entrepreneurs in many different industries. Together, they have built systems, established metrics, managed product launches, lead virtual teams, established strategy and so much more. In addition to being the Founder of Quantifying, Rachel is also the Co-Founder of Summit Evergreen , an online software platform that makes it easy to create beautiful online courses.

Monaica Vineyard Ledell

Visionary and entrepreneur Monaica Vineyard Ledell, a sought-after copywriter and digital strategist, finesses the web for clients intimidated by online marketing or those who think they can merely slap an ad up on Facebook, Tweet a link, send a sub-par email to produce enough sales for their company goals. In the last decade she’s helped her clients create nearly $10 million in revenue and worked with personal and entrepreneurial giants like Lisa Nichols, Jaime Tardy, Jonathan Fields and Arthur Benjamin.

She is the President of Truth Hacking™, an unconventional branding and sales positioning company that builds profitable, results-based brands and the creator of Mommy Breadwinner® – a blog for working moms who want more play and dough.

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is widely considered one of the world’s most influential “lifestyle entrepreneurs” and has revolutionized the way people build businesses online. He started his first fitness website in 1999 and since then, Ryan and his clients have generated over $500 million in sales.

He is a contributor to Entrepreneur, has been featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and is the founder of Freedym University (, the largest lifestyle entrepreneurship training resource in the industry.

Dawn Marrs Ortiz

Dawn Marrs Ortiz is a business automation coach, blogger and hardcore marketing nerd, whose business is helping entrepreneurs implement powerful automation strategies to grow a thriving, scalable business with maximum time-freedom.

When she’s not geeking out over technology, you’ll find her at happy hour, relaxing on the beach or enjoying family movie night. Her podcast, the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour has been featured as the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs by

Dawn lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband Marco, three kids, and her adorable Boston Terrier Xena.

Erica Martin

Erica L. Martin is an entrepreneur and leading expert in the martial arts consulting industry. Erica is the co-founder of Martial Arts Success Team, a top consulting company for martial arts business owners nationwide. She was the youngest recipient of Tampa Bay Business Journal’s prestigious Top 30 Under 30 Award and has been featured on the cover of leading industry magazines as a business expert.

When Erica is taking time off from telling the boys what to do in a primarily male martial arts industry she enjoys learning salsa dance, participating in car karaoke and finding fun in all aspects of life!

You can follow Eric on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope @EricaLMartin10

Hanni Melnicenko

Hanni wants to live in a world where everyone has a feeling of freedom. A world where people choose where they want to be, when they want to be there & with whom…. And a world where the simple things in life matter, where human nature & common sense prevails over money & power.

Originally from England and formerly a corporate bigwig, with 12 years in Human Resources, Hanni left the rat race to ‘go woo woo’ and pursue her idea of freedom, back in 2012. Inspired by her late mother, who sadly passed away through illness at the very young age of 57, Hanni has made it her mission to make the most of every moment…..

Since then, Hanni and her husband Leon (a former Royal Marine & Personal Trainer) have built a community of nearly 9000 fitness professionals, who they support in finding freedom in their businesses. Now Hanni is taking that one step further, with her own brand, focusing on Freedom as a wider concept.

Hanni has been featured on Female Entrepreneur Association, Mumsnet and more with her inspiring story, and she is a regular contributor on Huffington Post.

When she’s not #freedomfix -ing, you can find her devouring delicious tapas, enjoying a G&T sundowner on the beach near her home in Southern Spain, yoga-ing on the terrace or chivvying up her friends for basically any kind of social (not hard in a region where they have a fiesta to celebrate snails in one neighbouring village and blood-sausage in another – true story!) .

Her fresh take on #freedom is growing international traction.

To be part of the movement, and get (free) daily #freedomfix ideas and inspiration, go to

Ellen Rogin

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP® is the author of NY Times best-seller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality. She is President of a wealth management firm outside of Chicago. 

Chock full of “left-brain” credentials (MBA, CPA, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™), Ellen also walks on the “right” side, balancing values, big picture ideas, meditation, and a sense of humor with all her professional training. She is as comfortable talking about the power of compound interest as she is the power of belief.

Ellen has appeared on PBS Nightly Business Report, CNBC and WGN TV in Chicago, presented at TEDx and have been interviewed on NPR. Her work has been quoted in such national publications as The New York Times, Money,,, The Huffington Post, and US News and World Report. 

Ellen presents to corporate audiences, associations and women’s initiatives across the country, her counterintuitive methods for reaching lasting success and achieving both business and personal goals.

Jaime Tardy

Jaime Tardy is an in-demand business coach and speaker who helps entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. 

She is the founder of, a website that features a different millionaire interview each week who focuses on personal finance and entrepreneurship. 

She is the author of a book, The Eventual Millionaire.

Ulla-Lisa Thordén

Ulla-Lisa Thordén´s mission in life is to empower people – especially women – to dare expanding their comfort zone and grow their full potential!

 She has a law degree, runs her own company, is a renowned sales trainer in Sweden, a highly appreciated speaker on selling, communication and entrepreneurship, author of bestselling books.

Among her titles are ”How to sell yourself and make them pay”, sales book of the year in Sweden 2005, and ”Dirt poor and full of ideas – survival guide for creative people” nominated to Marketing book of the year 2010. Her next book will be published in 2017 with the working title, ”Fruitful meetings – how to make things happen”. Her blog, her columns and her sale school on the net are much appreciated.

Between 2009 – 2013, Ulla-Lisa was one of nine Swedish female company owners nominated to work as EU ambassadors for Women´s entrepreneurship, chosen by the department of Trade and Commerce in Sweden.

 During over 30 years of experience of running companies and working as a coach, Ulla-Lisa has found that what really is needed everywhere in the world is to free women´s tremendous powers through their own attitudes and preconceptions – ”to dare and to do”!

A bolder attitude, techniques and methods and some tricks of the trade is what Ulla-Lisa is gladly sharing with her clients, every day, in every channel with enthusiasm and humour.