Social Media

Social media is the most fluid marketing tool that we have as small business owners.

It requires most of us to stay light on our feet so we can make course corrections at a moment’s notice.

That’s why I pay close attention to the information that Social Media Examiner shares each week on their blog and podcasts.

Recently Social Media Examiner released its 12th annual ‘Social Media Marketing Industry Report’, which analyzes marketers and business owners who use social media to build their businesses and how they plan to tweak their social media strategies over the next year.

As we’ve shared before, social media is a long-term strategy and new marketing opportunities are emerging all the time so it does take a certain amount of commitment to stay on top of the newest tools.

Today we are going to share some of the things we found in the report that stood out to us and how we plan to tweak our own social media strategies and why you should too!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What marketers are really saying about marketing on Facebook, (and you’ll probably find it very surprising)
  • The #1 platform marketers want to learn more about and why you should start thinking about this strategy for your own wellness business
  • Why video on social media is such a powerful marketing strategy, (and believe it or not marketers are surprisingly underutilizing this option which leaves the door wide open for you)
  • What changes we will be implementing to our own social media strategies based on the report, (feel free to model our strategy as your own)

Social media marketing is always changing and keeping up can be difficult sometimes, so in this episode we’re sharing exactly how to decide where to focus you’re your time and attention.

Hit play and listen so that you can learn what changes you should be making to your social media strategy this year and why.

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