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Almost every day I chat with Health Coaches that tell me they are doing everything right on social media but their followers aren’t converting to paying clients. They are posting on the regular, going live once or twice a week, giving feedback when asked questions, and still none of their followers invest in their paid programs.

There are three main reasons why this happens so let’s dig in because I suspect you may be having the same experience.

What Is the New Customer of 2021 Looking For?

I recently read a Forbes article that had this to say:

When buying new products or services for their organizations, 72% of business leaders consider “Trust in the company (the seller)” to be of the utmost importance, according to Five9’s Customer Service Index 2020 report. That is an increase from last year’s number at 62%, and it trumps both price and ease of use.

The writer went on to say:

I can’t believe what I’m about to say, but trust may even be paramount to the customer experience. Even if the price is right and the service is good, if the customer doesn’t trust the company—or the people within the company—the likelihood of making the sale is low. And forget about customer loyalty. No trust equals no loyalty.

The role social media plays as a client attraction and client conversion mechanism in your business is still a preferred strategy. But the role social media can play in building trust is paramount to the overall success of eventually turning them from passive followers to active paying customers.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the 3 top reasons your social media followers aren’t converting into paying clients and how you can pivot your social media strategy to build trust between you and them.

Reason #1: They feel rushed and unclear of what you offer without having time to build the know-like-trust relationship with you. (Specifically, what you do and how you can help them)

We talk about the customer journey a lot on this podcast. That’s because it is at the top of all marketing strategies to attract and convert your ideal clients into paying customers.

When someone first follows you on social media they are opening the door to learn more about what you do so they can decide if you may be someone that can help them reach their health goals.

When you pre-plan a customer journey that is specific to your niche they will immediately feel like they are in the right place and will spend time getting to know you better.

If you, for example, DM them as soon as they follow you with an offer to get on a call with you or to check out your upcoming group coaching program it will immediately be a turnoff because you haven’t yet built trust with them or showed them how you can be of service to them.

We did an entire training about planning your customer journey in episode 132 called: Planning Your Customer Journey for Improved Client Attraction if you’re interested in learning more. We’ve linked it up in the show notes for this episode.

Reason #2: They don’t believe that your solution will work for them, (Meaning for one reason or another they have limiting beliefs around their success).

Your super smart and savvy “Now Customer” is just like the rest of us. They have limiting beliefs around if the solution you offer will work for them. Most of the time those limiting beliefs are a result of past experiences that didn’t work out. For simplicity, think about a woman that has been carrying around an unwanted 25 pounds for the last 10 years. She’s lost and gained 15 of those pounds 5 different times. It’s easy to understand why she would be reluctant to fully believe that your program is the missing link to her forever weight loss.

What this means for you is that you have to overcome those limiting beliefs just enough to give her hope and the courage to try again with you. Remember, it isn’t a lack of wanting that is holding her back. It’s a lack of belief in herself. So here are a couple of options to help her.

A) Use social media to consistently share success stories of your own and from your past clients. This is called social proof and it’s a great way to help your future customers see themselves in the stories of your past clients. There is nothing better than a success story to add credibility to your coaching skillset and coaching program.

B) Speak directly in your social media posts to limiting beliefs. In other words, address the elephant in the room. We believe that your “now customer” isn’t looking for savvy marketing techniques or fancy lingo in order to become your next best client. Instead they want real talk about their real fears and concerns. If you do this the trust level she feels for you will increase exponentially in a very short period of time.

Reason #3: You aren’t clear on their specific needs and desires therefore you haven’t designed a customer journey for them that will eliminate limiting beliefs and the barrier of the know-like-trust factor.

Here’s the thing, it’s your job to get crystal clear on what your ideal clients want and need as well as the top 3-5 limiting beliefs holding them back from making the investment to work with you.

When you know your ideal clients almost better than they know themselves that’s when you will speak directly to their heart and they’ll instantly know that you can help them with their needs and desires because they’ve learned to trust you.

It takes time and energy to become that familiar with your ideal clients. You can do this through polls, surveys, direct messages, customer validation calls, past client interviews, etc.

When you take this approach to being a forever student of learning more about your ideal clients you’ll be able to quickly map out a customer journey that will move them through the steps of know-like-trust with you faster than ever. And as we mentioned in the beginning of this episode based on the Forbes article we read, trust is the #1 factor when your customer is deciding whether or not to invest in your program. It’s not price, delivery, or timing… it all comes down to trust.

In this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast we’re diving into a question that we hear all of the time from our clients. That question is: Why aren’t more of my social media followers converting to paying clients?

Episode 189

In this episode we’re identifying 3 of the top reasons you may be experiencing a lack of conversions from social media. As you listen in see which reason resonates with you the most and then adjust based on our recommendations.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your ideal customer changed during 2020 into a ‘Now Customer’ and how you should update your marketing to reach them
  • 3 top reasons your social media followers aren’t converting into paying clients and how you can pivot your social media strategy to build trust between you and them for more sales in 2021
  • The main role social media can play in building trust in your overall success of eventually turning your tribe from passive followers to active paying customers

If you’ve been wondering why you’re not getting more clients from social media, then this episode is for you!

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