Social media definitely has a place in your marketing business plan. Unfortunately many Health Coaches are not getting the results that they want and it’s beyond frustrating.

Is that you too?

Let’s face it, social media is changing almost at the speed of light so keeping up can be a daunting process.

But have no fear… The Wellness Business Podcast is here!

On this week’s episode, The Right Way To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business, we’re breaking down the 5 most important ways to use social media for your Health Coaching business to get you connected with your ideal clients.

In this episode we talk about…

  • Common mistakes to avoid on Facebook and social media in general
  • How to gain visibility on social media by cutting through the noise
  • How to use social media to grow your email list, (my personal fav)
  • Upcoming changes to Facebook and how they will affect you
  • Tuning into your niche and how to connect with them on any platform

As always, we’ve got you covered with a super high value free guide to help you implement. Kathleen created a Social Media Planning Guide that walks you through the process of planning your ideal client, email list building, social media content. You can grab it here on our show notes page.

Here’s the thing about social media. It can easily become a time suck that leaves you little to no time to work on the things that actually generate revenue. Don’t let that be you.

Instead listen to this week’s podcast episode, get educated on what really matters, grab the Social Media Planning Guide and get busy attracting new clients with social media today.

Here’s to your favorite social platform!



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