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If you’ve never attended Social Media Marketing World I highly recommend that you make it a priority as soon as you can because it’s phenomenal.

To spend three full days totally immersed in the most cutting-edge social media tips, hacks and strategies is something that I’ve added to my “can’t miss” list every year.

Kathleen and I love going to conferences because we not only get to see each other, but we also get to learn a lot and connect with influencers in the industry.

When we attend this event, we go with a couple of different goals; we want to learn things we can take back and implement, and we like to learn things that we can also teach you.

In this episode, we’re sharing a few of our top takeaways from the event, including:

  • Why live video is no longer optional if you want to connect with your ideal clients and build trust (since most people are still not doing live video, this is your chance to get ahead in your market)
  • Tips on where to start with live video to get practice and build your confidence so it becomes a regular routine each week in your biz
  • The #1 thing you have to do for your audience to connect with you and feel compelled to take the next step, (investing in your paid program of course)
  • The top reasons why you aren’t getting engagement on social media (this was an awesome dose of tough love that we appreciated)
  • How to grab the attention of your followers, so they stop the scroll to check out what you have to say or share or better yet you become a destination that they seek out every day
  • What to do BEFORE you post anything on social media (ask yourself this one question)

There are so many ways to leverage social media to grow your wellness business, so if you want to learn more about the best social media strategies to implement in your business right now, you’re going to love this episode.

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