Social Media Engagement


One of the biggest challenges we are all experiencing these days is how to get more people to engage with us on social media.


Because of many different factors that are out of our control just posting day after day no longer is a recipe for success.


As I’m sure you already know the social media world is constantly changing and staying relevant means that you have to change with it in order to stand out and attract your ideal clients.


That’s why we we’re thrilled when Facebook engagement expert Alicia Streger agreed to join us as a guest on The Wellness Business Podcast. Alicia is a business coach and the founder of The Content & Social Media Club. She’s here to share some great tips that will help you stand out, get noticed and get more eyes on your posts, all code for more engagement.


In this episode, Alicia shares

  • 9 types of social media posts that get engagement,
  • One over the top bonus post type that is guaranteed to improve engagement
  • Two rules of thumb for posting anything on social media; you’ll want to ask yourself these 2 questions before you post anything


If you’ve wanted to create more comment-worthy and share-worthy posts, you’re going to love this episode!


Don’t forget to check out this FREE 30-Day Social Media Content Planning Calendar to get the most out of your social media strategy!


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Freebie: 30-Day Social Media Content Planning Calendar

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