This week has been one of the most momentous weeks ever in mine and my husband’s lives. The photo above is a picture I took on Monday morning in front of our county courthouse.  That building was built in 1889 and houses some of our local governmental offices.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I was there to pay a visit to the Register of Deeds.  The reason for my visit was to record the Discharge of Mortgage on our home.  Yes, we’ve paid our mortgage off in full!

We both have a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride having reached this goal.  It’s a journey that I want to share with you because it hasn’t been easy along the way but with a hold steady mentality during the rough moments, we’ve managed to arrive at the finish line of one of the biggest goals we’ve set for ourselves ever.

A little over ten years ago we purchased 5 ½ acres of land and built our dream home.  It was a home we designed that fit our family of six perfectly.  We literally built the house from the ground up on our own.  Maybe not every single nail, but I can tell you that the majority of the work came from only our four hands.  It was a grueling eight-month process but we knew to get the home of our dreams we needed to have a lot of sweat equity.

We no sooner moved in and got settled when my husband took over his family business.  If you don’t already know, we own a commercial caulking company that his father started in 1974.  Needless to say, that year we had lots of changes to adapt to all while both working full-time jobs, (mine outside of the family business).

We set a goal at that point to pay off both the business and our home within 10 years.  We knew it was a rigorous goal, but we are both goal driven so it totally seemed doable. We also knew that it would take sacrifice.  Obviously if you are committed to that level of debt reduction you are going to do without some of the other things in life.  Little did we know at the time how volatile the economy was going to be in the construction industry over the next 10 years.

Fast forward to Monday morning and here we are with our business and our home paid in full.  We set our goal, we held steady and we won the race.  There were many nights when we went to bed wondering if we would be able to maintain such an aggressive payment schedule, but we decided to take it one day at a time.  We’ve been extremely blessed to reach this point just like we planned.

This is a great lesson because it can be applied to every aspect of your life.  You can set goals, hold steady when the road feels bumpy and win the race if you stick to your belief in yourself and the goals that you’ve set.

Another example of this would be from the beginning of this year when I set a goal for myself and my business to get my ducks in a row to start 2013 in a mentoring program with a business coach that I had been watching for over a year.  When joining her upper level coaching programs you need to have some pretty specific ducks in a row and at the beginning of 2012 I didn’t, so I didn’t even apply for her program.  Her coaching programs are a year long commitment and they always starts at the beginning of each year.

I vowed to myself at the beginning of 2012 that by January 1, 2013, I would have my ducks in a row and would be prepared to apply for one of her upper level coaching programs.  The first six months of this year I jumped in with both feet.  Getting a new updated computer, (MacBook Pro), and 27” monitor.  I worked really hard at building my list, getting connected on social media and establishing a name for myself within the health and wellness coaching industry.

I purchased several of her recorded programs to learn how to do advertising, copywriting, autoresponders, etc.  I knew in my heart that this is what I was designed to do and I wasn’t going to let anything stand in my way.  I listened to those classes over and over until I knew the information inside and out.  I put the information into action and have had amazing results.

At the end of June the coach I wanted to work with sent out an email congratulating several of her current upper level coaching clients for graduating to the next level.  Hmmm…. I didn’t even know that was possible.  My next thought was…. I wonder if that means there is room for me now in a lower level.

I had worked diligently for the first six months of this year and felt that I was now ready to become a client of hers.  It is a substantial financial commitment to coach with her, but there isn’t anyone else that I want to coach with, and now she may have an opening.  There are five levels of private coaching with her and I wanted to start at the lowest level.  I sent in a request to see if there was an opening and didn’t hear anything back.  I thought, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be.”

About a week later I saw a post on her Facebook page congratulating another client that moved up a level.  So, I sent in my question again…. “Does this mean you have room in your Sapphire program?”  This time I did receive a response.  She said I could apply.  I was a nervous wreck, but filled out the four-page application and submitted it.  It so happened that it was the end of June and everyone had taken time off for 4th of July so no one was reviewing my application.  Ugh…. The waiting was killing me.

On July 5th I received an email from her assistant telling me that after careful review she wanted to invite me into the Ruby program.  (One level above the program I had applied for.)  She felt with my 20+ years of business experience and because of everything I had already accomplished in the first six months of 2012 the Ruby level was better suited for me.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  It took me a while to take that all in.

Once I could wrap my head around it all I decided it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.  Fast-forward another three months and I’m so happy with my decision.  She is an amazing woman that calls it like it is, doesn’t mess around and is very instrumental in helping me build the integress business of my dreams.

If all that wasn’t enough, last weekend she asked those on her Facebook page to share a goal that they have for 2013.  I responded that I have a goal to work hard enough that I will meet the criteria necessary to move up another level in her coaching program to the Diamond level at some point in 2013.  She responded that I should put my application in for the Diamond level in January, because January may be soon enough.  All my hard work is paying off.

You too have the ability, just like me, to set goals, hold steady and win the race. 

Here are a few tips I use when setting goals:

  1. Be crystal clear on what your goal is and is not.  For example, don’t say I want more clients.  Instead say, I want five new clients in the next 60 days.  That way you know what you’re working toward.
  2. Set goals that are authentic and realistic for your lifestyle.  Don’t set a goal that would take 25+ hours per week for 2 months to reach if you have family responsibilities, a full-time job and are the coach of your son’s little league team. Get real!
  3. Be sure your goals are achievable, measurable and doable.  Give yourself a deadline and work on that goal a little every single day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and that goes for your business too.  Even though I really wanted to be a client of my mentor’s back in January I knew I wasn’t prepared.  There was foundational work and learning that needed to take place before I was ready.  I worked on it a little every day.

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to share this with you.  Thank you for allowing me to do so.  You are amazing and have a gift that needs to be shared with the world.  Don’t let something as small as having never set a goal for yourself be the thing that holds you back.  Get clear on what you really want.  What does success look like for you, (remember, it isn’t always about money either)?  I am here to support you every step of the way in any way I can.  Together we are going to change the world.

To your success,


P.S.  I forgot one other thing.  This weekend, October 6th & 7th I am going to be in Orlando, Florida at my first ever live event with my mentor.  I am going to spend time with her, in person, for two whole days.  Talk about a goose bump moment.  My week has been filled with them.  Check my Facebook page over the weekend as I’ll be posting pictures from the event.  You can find them at:  See you there! XXOO