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A highly profitable online health coaching program.

Seems simple, right? So, why doesn’t everyone have one?

Probably because it’s not as easy as slapping together a program and posting a few times on social media to get clients to reach the elusive ‘highly-profitable’ stage.

If you want to run a highly profitable online health coaching program, there are a few insider secrets you should know first to speed up your learning curve and help you reach the holy grail status of consistent revenue and client enrollment.


After running many online programs over the last 10 years, there are a few key lessons that have been learned, and we’re sharing 3 of the most important ones with you this week on The Wellness Business Podcast.

Let’s dig in…

Secret #1) Your program needs to be SIMPLE – for you AND your clients.

This applies to your tech approach and your program content. As you get started, you don’t want to get bogged down with the tech, so the simplest way to deliver and run an online group coaching program is through a Facebook group. It’s low-tech and easily accessible for you and your clients.

Secret #2) You want to have everything SYSTEMATIZED, so you can run it over and over again, seamlessly.

Your program should be systematized: It’s important to have a program that you can use over and over again to save time and help more people. You need structure – a system that makes clients feel at ease and know they are in good hands. This will actually have you feeling more at ease too. A great way to do this is to have a signature program that will work with any ideal client specific to your niche.

Secret #3) It should be SPECIFIC to your ideal clients, so it stands out as being the perfect solution they’re looking for.

Your program should be specific to your ideal clients. The more specific you are about who you help and how, the more compelling and irresistible your program will be, and the easier it will be to attract your ideal clients. It will also be much easier to convey the results they will accomplish while they work with you which is what they really want to know.


There are 3 secrets to running a highly profitable online health coaching program that you can do in the very beginning to set yourself up for success.

In episode 322 of The Wellness Business Podcast we talk about how to set your health coaching business up so that you can attract the right clients and make it easy for them to work with you. In this episode you will discover…

  • The 3 secrets you should know before you run your online coaching program that will help make it a success for your clients and you

  • The simple steps necessary to create a program and system that you can easily rinse and repeat as often as you want

  • Why having a specific niche is the number one key to the success of your online program and why it will actually attract more paying clients

  • Common mistakes to avoid when running your coaching program and what to do instead to ensure that your clients get the best possible results

If you’re ready to learn the top 3 secrets to creating the best health coaching business for you and your clients, then listen to episode 322 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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