Today’s post on client attraction is a little different than my usual post but will have you walking away with Ryan’s 4 specific action steps that have led to incredible sales results.

So it starts with me telling you a super cool story.

Monday night I went to Startup Grind’s Phoenix meetup featuring Ryan Deiss, founder of Digital Marketer, as the guest speaker.

In February, 2016, I went to the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego. T&C is put on by Digital Marketer, so I already had the opportunity to see Ryan speak. But at that event I was sharing the room with over 3,500 other people.

Monday night’s event was shared by only 150 of us in a small cozy room.

So here’s how it went down and the inside scoop to the 4-step valuable lesson Ryan shared with all of us from his years as a digital marketer and entrepreneur.


Rather than Ryan giving us a prepared speech or presentation, there was an interviewer that asked him questions about his life and experience as an entrepreneur. (Think Oprah style.)

Next there was a quick rapid-fire 21 questions.


Cat or dog?

Beer or wine?

Burger or pizza?

Finally we moved into audience Q&A.

This is where it really got interesting and where I learned the lesson I want to share with you.

Someone asked him this question.

“How do you know if the product you want to sell is a good idea and if it will actually make money?”

The answer to that question led Ryan to share the very personal 4-step client attraction process he goes through before launching any new product.


Step #1: He asks himself, “Who’s my who?”

In other words, who’s the ideal client for this product?

Knowing the answer to that question allows him to be really clear on the pain points of the client he’s trying to help.

Armed with that information he can build that product to meet the needs of that client.

Step #2: He asks himself, “What is the value I deliver?”

While a lot of business owners try to answer this question by throwing everything and the kitchen sink into their product offering, (Wow! Hold everything… there’s another bonus!), Ryan is actually going for a deeper meaning here.

In essence he’s asking himself, “What transformation do I offer my client?”

When thinking about your new product focus on the result your future clients will get.

Start with the end in mind.

What is the transformation they desire and build your product to answer that desire.

Step #3: He asks himself, “How do I articulate this value so people say I get it and I want it?”

This one is huge.

Lots of people can “get” what you’re offering but if they don’t see the value in it for them, they won’t buy it.

Another way of saying that is, if they can’t imagine the transformation value you’re describing for themselves, they won’t risk an investment.

Ryan shared this insight…

Step #4: He asks himself, “How am I going to acquire customers profitably and predictably?”

I’ll be honest, this one hit home the hardest with me.


Because this is the biggest transformation I offer my clients.

Many of them have programs and services in place already.


They’ve been struggling along with an occasional client here and there but there is definitely no predictability to their sales or new client acquisition process.

When I work with a client that all changes. We figure out a marketable ideal client that results in predictability in sales and new clients.

This step must be part of your launch system. Otherwise you’ll end up with a failed launch, failed product and failing business.

That’s blunt and harsh I know, but it’s true.

I have lots of clients to prove it.

And Ryan had several personal stories of failure to share with us when, as he put it, he got too big for his britches and didn’t use this 4-step process.

The way to conquer this part of the client attraction process is to do your research.

Figure out where your ideal clients are spending time online and if there is a way to get in front of them. Get as detailed and specific as possible.

Clients aren’t going to come knocking on your door.

A passive, ‘wait-n-see’, approach to your business is the quickest way to frustration and feeling like a failure.

Research on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, etc.

This process works!

I know that you’re ultimate goal is to help your clients.

I know you have a big heart and while making money would be a huge benefit, the satisfaction of being your own boss isn’t tied directly to the money.

You have a desire to transform lives.

To do that all you need is to follow Ryan’s 4-step process. It’s the quickest way to finally get those clients that are willing to pay for the transformation you offer.

Talk to you soon,





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