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How much thought have you given recently to your client funnel?

Specifically, the one that builds a relationship with a potential client from the time they get on your email list to the point that they invest in your VIP offer.

The steps, or touchpoints, between those two timeframes, should be intentional and considered carefully.

One thing I’ve noticed over the years of working with thousands of health coaches is that when they ONLY have ONE offer, (a VIP/high-ticket offer), it can become a barrier to entry for many would-be clients.

It’s not that they aren’t excited about the possibilities of working with these coaches, it just means that they may need a stepping-stone offer that is more of a baby-step investment initially vs. jumping in with both feet from the beginning.

Makes sense, right?

If you’re shaking your head in agreement, then you realize that not everyone is going to be ready to enroll in your 3- or 6-month coaching program as a first step with you.

The solution to this situation is simple.

Add a 30-day stepping-stone offer to your program suite.

When you have a 30-day program to offer, it allows more people to take a leap of faith and give it a try because it will be more affordable and it’s only 30 days – so it’s an easy commitment to make.

Once people have completed this shorter program, more of them will be ready to enroll in a 3- or 6-month program because they have just spent a month with you, and now they know and trust you. Plus, they want to continue the momentum they’ve already started. #win-win


Let’s start with the first key element:

1) Identify and Address a Problem Your Audience Knows They Have

The foundation of any successful coaching program starts with addressing the specific problems your ideal clients are facing. Understanding their pain points is not only important in covering the right topics to help them, but it’s also critical for your messaging and marketing of the program.

If there is a disconnect between what you’re offering and what they think they need, they aren’t going to sign up – no matter how amazing your program may be.

So the question becomes, what are your clients top 3-4 struggles?

Where do they need help the most?

Let me share an example:

As a health coach, your client’s top 4 pain points could be:

  • Reducing processed foods and eating more whole foods
  • Meal planning
  • Finding time for exercise and figuring out what type of exercise to do
  • Reducing stress

Overall, their main goal is weight loss. So, when designing a coaching program, it’s important to include these topics as part of the program. Essentially, you’re giving them what they want wrapped up in a program that gives them what they need.

If it’s a 30-day program, you can’t go super deep on each topic, since you will likely cover one topic per week, and you don’t want to overwhelm people, so you highlight a few key elements of each topic and showcase examples of how to implement them. This is about baby steps – not the whole kitchen sink.

If you had to choose 4 topics to cover for your client base, what would they be?

Write down some ideas, and then come up with subtopics for each one that shares the why and the how.

So, for the topic on meal planning, you can share why it’s important, why it helps people reach their goals, saves them money and some helpful tips on how to meal plan. You can share any apps you like as well as any tips and tricks that make it easier to do.

As far as how to deliver the program, one easy way is to create a slide deck for each topic and then narrate it using Zoom or other software of your choice. Canva is great for this since they have slide deck templates you can use and customize. You can then upload the videos to YouTube or Vimeo and host in a platform like Thinkific, Kajabi, Karta or Practice Better or you can keep it super simple and just upload the videos to a Facebook group that you have set up for the 30-day program.

2) Provide Small Wins that Create Momentum

Focus on small wins your clients can get, especially during the first couple of weeks of the program. Progress is always motivating and helps people stay committed and engaged. It can also be the reason they decide to continue working with you after the 30 days are over.

An example of this could be sharing the importance and benefits of daily movement and sharing options for tracking daily steps. You can have fun with this and encourage people to share their daily step count in the group for the week and at the end of the week, you’ll choose a winner at random for a $25 Amazon gift card. The winner doesn’t have to have the highest number of steps, but by having people make the decision to do it, track it and post about it, helps them take action and it makes it fun.

This is just one idea, and it will depend on your niche what topics you cover, but baby steps and small wins can be very motivating for people.

3) Create Desire for Next Steps They Can Take with You

You want to introduce the idea that the 30-day program is just the beginning, and there’s a deeper, more comprehensive level waiting for those who want to continue on the journey and see even more results by working with you in a longer program.

Throughout your 30-day program, plant seeds about what it’s like to work with you in your 90-day program.

Here’s an example of what you could say: “We go deeper into lifestyle changes that ease menopause symptoms in my Menopause Rescue program, and since we only have 30 days together in this program, I wanted to focus on 4 that can quickly make a real impact.”

In this statement, you’re mentioning there is another program, so it’s creating a bit of curiosity and then at the end of your 30-day program, people will be ready to hear what’s next. You can sprinkle statements like this in each week of the program, and this works well in any live streams you’re doing, or you can incorporate it into the content of your slide decks (or do both).

4) Offer Your Next Level Program

As your 30-day program comes to a close, let members know how they can continue to work with you to see results. You just had a group of people spend 30 days with you and some of them are going to want more. You can do this on a livestream if you have a Facebook group community for your members and of course, you also want to send promotional emails about it.

Let them know who the next program is for and how it will help them. Paint the picture of what the next 90 days together will look like, by sharing the specific outcomes and benefits your clients can expect when they follow your system.

If you have testimonials, share those on your sales page as well as any videos of case studies you’ve collected.

Outline the topics and resources that will be covered in the next program, along with your ongoing support, guidance, and additional resources they’ll have access to.

Running a 30-day coaching program that leads to a longer-term program can be a fantastic way to build your practice because it allows people to make a small commitment that then shows them what else is possible with your help. Taking the first step is often the most challenging, so making it easy for people to take that initial baby step means you’ll have more clients and generate more revenue.

You can rinse and repeat this process during the year, so you have a system you can replicate. In between each launch, continue to grow your email list, so each time you promote, you’ll have more people who see your offers.

Let’s recap the 4 key elements that make a 30-day coaching program successful:

  • Identify and Address a Problem Your Audience Knows They Have
  • Provide Small Wins that Create Momentum
  • Create Desire for Next Steps They Can Take with You
  • Offer Your Next Level Program

So, where can you start this week?

You can do this very simply by starting with what you know your audience wants and create a program that covers some of the basics to get them going in the right direction.

Make a list of your clients struggles and goals and where you know they need support and put together an introductory program to help solve part of that problem.

If you aren’t exactly sure what your clients want or how to find out, we did an episode all about this that you may find helpful. It’s Episode 341: How to Find Out What Your Ideal Clients Want.


In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • The most critical element, that is often missing, that sets the stage for the success of your entire program and client funnel

  • How to create momentum and motivation for your new client inside your 30-day program that makes your VIP coaching package almost irresistible

  • How to position your longer-term program as the next perfect step in the customer journey with you weeks before they even know it’s an option, so they are ready to say YES immediately

Launching a 30-day health coaching program can be a great way to not only address a problem your clients have, but it can also lay the groundwork for a long-term coaching relationship.

To learn our 4 key elements for running a 30-day health coaching program, listen to episode 351 of the Wellness Business Podcast!


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  • Plan a 90-day marketing plan, (including social media, promos & list-building)
  • Email list clean up and plan for attracting the ‘right’ subscribers interested in joining your programs vs. a more general health crowd that is just looking for free information.

You would be amazed at how much we can accomplish together in one hour. Together we’ll focus on exactly the things you need help with, (typically we can tackle your top 2-3 objectives in 60 minutes).

We’ll strategize and you’ll walk away with a step-by-step implementation plan for quick results.

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