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One great sign of a seasoned business owner is when they make it look like running a business is easy breezy. Experience always gives you a slight edge and one of the strategies successful entrepreneurs use is repurposing content.

In other words, they get more bang for their buck on every single piece of content that they create.

This week, we’re bringing back a previous popular episode that will be a great refresher as we transition into the new year.

It’s called: 5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Content to Reach More People

There are more options to repurpose content now than there has ever been before. In this episode we’re sharing a very specific 5 step plan for each piece of content that you create.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • What content marketing is and a variety of modalities you can use so you can choose the format that makes the most sense for your ideal clients
  • Our 5 unique ways to repurpose content every week to reach more people, (remember, your audience wants to learn in different ways so you’ll be the hero when you publish the same content in multiple ways to accommodate everyone in your audience)
  • An example of how to repurpose one blog post into 4 types of content in a tenth of the time it would take you to create new
  • How to repurpose content specifically to build your email list so that it’s actually performing double duty in your business

Repurposing your content is more than a time saver; it also allows people to consume your content in the format they prefer. Some people prefer video, some love audio, and some would rather just read.

To become known, people need to be able to learn from you and connect with you, so repurposing your content in different ways is one of the best strategies to attract more clients.

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