Today I read a post from a fellow Certified Health Coach that nearly broke my heart.  She was venting her frustration in not being able to find more clients for her Health Coaching business.  In her post she explained that she had hoped to quit her regular job by this fall to do coaching as her full-time profession.  This thread gained a lot of attention with comments ranging from, “I feel the same way you do!” to “Here is a link to add additional income to your business.”

What came to my mind as I read this entire post, (over 30 comments in all), was that this poor girl had been misled in not only what it would take to build her health coaching business but in the amount of time it would take her to build a health coaching business.  To compound the situation even more I sensed that she was feeling inadequate and like a failure.  That is a recipe for disaster. 

Just like this lovely young lady, I received my education from the same nutrition school that she did.  So, I am completely aware of the reason she has a false perception of what being a health coaching entrepreneur is all about.  While the educational program we attended has good intentions by making it sound so easy to build a business, it also can lend itself to be extremely misleading and can result in graduates feeling like somehow they aren’t good enough or that they have failed.  It is a situation that is created out of the best of intentions but can lead to overwhelmed and frustrated business owners like the one I just told you about that want to give up. 

Building a business isn’t easy by any stretch of the mile.  It takes a crazy amount of dedication and vigilance and at times can feel like there is no forward momentum at all.  The journey to being a successful business owner is turbulent and frankly you can get derailed at any time if you’re not careful.  It is one of those situations that you always hear, “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!”

Why am I telling you all this?  Well I’m not telling you to be a “Negative Nelly” that’s for sure.  Instead I’d rather be “Conscientious Karen” and be the shiny glimmer of hope and strength you need to continue moving forward.

As Coaches and Entrepreneurs there are so many places that we hear things like, “Make your first 6-figures in the next six months” or “Ten new clients in 14 days” and if you’re like me you’re looking around saying to yourself, “Are you kidding me right now?”  What does that person have that I don’t have?  Well let me tell you that I have done the investigation and I have found that they don’t have anything you don’t have except maybe previous business experience which isn’t included in the program marketing.

Let me give you an example.  Recently I made a huge investment in myself and my business by signing up with a mentor that I had been keeping an eye on for over a year now.  In a nutshell she has already earned over 10 million dollars this year and counting.  If that isn’t impressive enough she has only been in her business for four years.  Now that’s a “Are you kidding me right now statistic!” That in a nutshell is the honest truth for her.  No exaggerating or overstating.  She’s amazing!

The thing that I love about my new mentor though is that while those statistics are staggeringly impressive she doesn’t leave you with that perception alone.  She regularly tells her WHOLE story, which consists of the fact that she has been in many different businesses over the span of the past 15 years.  Yes, she has had massive success in building her other online businesses, so she is experienced.  But her story continues from there.  She has also had massive challenges and failures.  Yes… I said failures! It is so refreshing that she shares her whole story – the good, the bad and the ugly.  It is only by the shear compilation of ALL OF HER YEARS IN BUSINESS that the statistics from her current business begin to feel more real and logical.

When we are presented with sales pitches from those that have walked the road of business building before us we must remember that the information they are sharing can be correct BUT there may also be a whole lot more that isn’t being said.  (I do want to give you this disclaimer though, there are some anomalies out there that have become successful for no particular reason other than they were in the right place at the right time.)  All I can sincerely say is, “Good for them!”  For the rest of us we need to keep our nose to the grindstone, so to speak.

In my many years of experience as a business owner and in all of my research I have found that on average it takes a good 3-5 years to build any business to a state of “success”. (Which let’s remember the word success means different things to different people but for the sake of this article let’s give it a definition of “routine sustaining profit”.)  I’m telling you all of this with love and compassion because it truly breaks my heart when I am faced with someone like the woman I told you about earlier.  She thinks that 4 or 5 months into her new business she will have more clients than she knows what to do with.  Sadly, and no fault of hers, she has been given an unrealistic expectation of what it means to start a new business.  I’m just praying that she keeps moving forward because she has so much to offer the world. 

I thought it would be helpful if I shared with you strategies you can use in your business.  Here are some of the key ingredients that successful business owner’s use regularly: 

  1. Choose the market you want to serve so you can spotlight that niche’ in all of your marketing strategies.  Know who you are talking to.
  2. Create a marketing schedule looking forward over 90 – 120 days that includes social media, public speaking, blog posts, newsletters, program development, etc.
  3. Create an income/expense budget with detail on where the income is coming from and where the expenses are going.
  4. Continue to invest in yourself and your business by working with a business coach that has more experience than you do.  This will ultimately save you money because you will get to your target success zone much quicker.
  5. Partner with others in your industry that will help build the momentum in your business that you are looking for.
  6. For your mindset – “Celebrate success, learn from challenges but most of all don’t stop moving forward.  Keep building momentum and awareness for you and your business every single day.”

I have always been someone that prefers when I am told the truth.  Give me the cold hard facts.  I can deal with that.  I can work with whatever the truth is by designing a plan that will get me to the point of fulfillment.  I hope you will appreciate my honesty and “cut-to-the-chase” delivery of the amount of time it takes to build your business.  Remember, you must build momentum every day.  Some days will feel like nothing is happening.  Other days will feel like the whole world knows your name.  No matter which day you’re having…. keep the momentum flowing!

To Your Success,



Karen Pattock is a successful business woman that has launched 7 profitable companies over the past 20 years. She is a Certified Health Coach.  Her passion is guiding health coach entrepreneurs through the initial critical years in business using her proven methods. She provides expertise in marketing, business building, client attraction and list building.

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