There are two main reasons why coaches, consultants and business owners aren’t making more sales in their business.

It’s either….

  • Because they aren’t actively and aggressively promoting their programs, products and services

Or, the second option, (which is the case more often than not)…

  • Because there is a part of their sales funnel that is broken

Unfortunately, the second option is the biggest culprit for lagging conversions in most businesses.

I see it everyday.

Business owners are working their tails off building their email list, driving their new leads to a sales page, only to be hugely disappointed because no one purchased.

Have you experienced this?

The culprit behind your lagging sales in this situation is a faulty sales page.

Your sales page must tell a story.

It must capture the attention of your ideal client.

In fact, there are 11 very specific parts to a sales page that actually converts a lead into a paying customer.

Last week I interviewed Lain Ehmann, Communication, Copy and Conversion Specialist, to answer the question, “What are the 11 critical parts of a converting sales page?”


In this interview Lain shares a 3 of the “11 Reasons Your Sales Page Isn’t Converting – And What to Do About It”

To get access to all 11 reasons and Lain’s easy to use checklist that you can download HERE.

Whether you have a sales page that isn’t converting leads into customers or you are ready to write a sales page for a new program, product or service you’re rolling out in 2017 you’ll want to listen to Lain’s advice in this interview AND download her super helpful checklist.

Isn’t it time to actually start realizing more paying customers as a result of your marketing efforts?

I thought so!