As you read this I’m on my way to the airport to jump on a plane to New York to attend a very special 2-day training event.


I’m meeting my very good friend and colleague, Kathleen Legrys, there and the two of us along with four other super motivated entrepreneurs are spending two days, in a mansion, with someone I admire very much, Ryan Lee.

What I like most about Ryan is his authenticity. He’s been in the online marketing space for 19 years and he’s a no BS, get down to work, kinda guy. (That’s my favorite kind of mentor… skip the fluff and get down to the nitty gritty… More to come on this later.)

Because I appreciate facts more than fluff…

I try to be that resource for you as well. If you ask me a question I’m going to give you an honest answer, (even if it isn’t the one you hoped for).

So in the spirit of complete transparency and honesty that may hurt a little, I want to talk to you about your business and a video I watched of Gary Vaynerchuk.

In the video Gary commented that he sees too many people starting their businesses with high hopes, tons of ambition and absolutely no cash for advertising.

I have to say that he hit the nail on the head and I couldn’t agree with him more.

The words advertising and marketing get such a bad reputation with many brand new entrepreneurs. But the hard truth is, if you don’t advertise how in the world will your ideal clients find you?

Sure social media is great and offers a ton of exposure but the reality is it’s a noisy place and unless you are paying to be seen chances are you won’t stand a chance.

Here’s what I mean.

Since I’m on my way to New York, this analogy will really hit home with you.

This is what it’s like trying to be seen by your ideal client on Facebook, (or any social media platform), without some form of paid advertising raising the awareness of your offer.

Imagine, creating a sign 2’ x 3’ in size. You write on the sign a link to your free offer. You make your way to New York City at rush hour and hold your sign up as bumper-to-bumper traffic goes by, people are pushing past you in a frenzy to get to their next destination and the sun has already set so there isn’t much light left to make you visible.

How many people do you think will take you up on your offer?

Sure the traffic is there. Some of them may even be your ideal clients. But, let’s face reality, every person that passes you by has their own agenda, isn’t paying attention to you and just wants to get to where they are going.

The answer… not many will even notice you.

Now, change the circumstances. Imagine you pay for advertising at that same location. Your offer is added to one of the bright shiny billboards that line downtown New York City. There are flashing lights, sound, great imagery, the copy is calling out to your ideal client and for the sake of this example, let’s say there is even a catchy tune being played.

Now how many people will notice you and take you up on your offer?

I guarantee… the number just increased substantially.

This same scenario holds true for your marketing on social media.

Facebook is my favorite because the platform and it’s reporting is so sophisticated.

Here’s the deal, you don’t have to spend $1,000’s each month to make a difference. Start with $5.00 per day if necessary.

At least get started. If you don’t have $5.00 per day to allocate toward advertising it may not be the right time to start a business.

You MUST do paid advertising to be seen.

I’m sorry if that hurts. It’s always been that way and it always will be that way.
But the upside is this… with paid advertising you get to the profit zone much more quickly.

Here’s your homework: Get laser focused on who your ideal client is, create advertising that speaks to that type of client ONLY, and put some ad spend behind it. You will see amazing results.

Here’s to a no BS kinda day!