Webinar TitlesThe measuring stick of a great webinar is always determined by the number of sales you make.

If you’ve done a webinar in the past, did you reach your sales goal?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then rinse and repeat my friend. Keep those sales rolling in.

But if the answer is ‘no’, your webinar title may be the biggest culprit why it didn’t go the way you planned.

If you’ve previously registered for The Ultimate Webinar Toolkit, you received the Webinar Profit Calculator Worksheet. (If you don’t have the toolkit yet CLICK HERE.)

The worksheet is designed to tell you exactly how many people you need to register for your webinar to reach your sales goal. (A must know by the way.)

Your webinar title is 90% of the battle when it comes to getting registrations.


Because it’s the piece of marketing that will do all of the talking for you.

It either grabs people’s attention or it doesn’t.

It either gets them excited or it doesn’t.

Let’s discuss the psychology of a great webinar title that actually get’s people to register for your webinar.

A great webinar title has 3 specific parts.

  • It makes a specific promise
  • It calls out a specific audience
  • It clearly defines what they will learn

A strong, clearly defined title is the difference between exceeding your registration goal and missing the mark completely.

Here are a few examples…

Become a more successful fisherman and lure maker.

While that title is good… it could be quite a bit better.

Here are just a few examples of how it could be stronger.

  • Discover the exact 5 steps to making lures that will turn you into an award-winning fisherman.
  • Discover 6 secret strategies professional fisherman use when making their own lures.
  • Increase your catch rate today with professional grade lures, (you can make yourself), that will make you the envy of every other fisherman.

In each example I’m making a specific promise, calling out to a specific audience, (fisherman), and telling them exactly what they will learn.

When someone registers for my webinar they will definitely be my ideal client because my webinar title is so specific.

Long gone are the days of cutesy, vague or incredibly hypey webinar titles.

Instead keep it real, super specific and action oriented.

This method is guaranteed to increase the number of registrations you get for your webinar.

All webinar registrations you receive will be your exact, targeted, perfect ideal customer that wants to purchase your programs, products and services as a solution to their problem.



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