“How much should I charge for my wellness program?”

If you’ve ever asked that question, either of yourself or a group of your peers, you’re going to love this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.

Here’s the deal…

Kathleen and I consistently hear 4 main concerns when it comes to figuring out how to price a wellness program fairly while still being profitable:

1) Afraid of pricing too high

2) Not sure what others are charging

3) Not sure what benefits to offer

4) Imposter Syndrome

Deciding how much is a fair price to make it a win-win transaction takes practice, (and 6 key factors which we’re sharing with you today).

This is a question we hear from coaches quite often, so we knew it was time to tackle this quandary in an episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.  It’s one of those questions that can’t be answered in just a sentence or two because there are too many variables, and truth be told, there isn’t one set answer.

But…we won’t leave you hanging, I promise.  Kathleen LeGrys and I are diving into what you need to know in order to price your health coaching programs effectively. 

We’re going to help you overcome these four main obstacles, plus offer helpful guidance for setting (and updating) your fees. You’ll learn six MAJOR FACTORS to take into consideration when pricing your programs, and also discover how to find out what your ideal clients want in a program, so you can enroll more people (find out what they want, and then give it to them).   

Whether you coach clients one-on-one, in groups or in online group programs, this episode is a MUST LISTEN for clarity and confidence around your fees.

Before you ask the question “How should I price my coaching programs” listen to this episode, and you’ll know how to proceed. 

All my best,
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