Get ready my friend!

This week’s podcast episode is the first of a two-part mini-training that will have you dancing a happy dance over the bonuses you’ll be creating.

The concept of adding bonuses to your program offerings to sweeten the deal just enough to help a perspective client go from a maybe to a yes, isn’t a new one, but its success rate is unparallelled.

Let me tell you just a little bit more about the power of bonuses before I link you over to this week’s episode of The Wellness Business Podcast.

I remember the first time I was introduced to program bonuses. It was back in the early days of my health coaching business and they came along with a marketing program that I was interested in purchasing.

Well, truth-be-told, I wanted the bonus even more than I wanted the marketing program itself.

The bonus was, “How To Craft Your Elevator Pitch”. It was a step-by-step, templatized, form that walked me through this very delicate process.

As a new coach I was determined to get this right so every time I met someone new I could tell them exactly what I did and how I helped my ideal clients.

Well, that bonus was the tipping point for me and I whipped out my credit card and purchased the $297 program.

Needless to say, bonuses more often than not, turn a “no or a maybe” into a yes because they…

Increase the perceived value without raising your prices

Allow you to demand higher prices

Enroll more people (get them off the fence just like I shared)

On this episode, we are diving into why you should always be adding bonuses to your sales campaign, what program bonuses are, why they are a key component to selling more programs, and how to avoid common mistakes people make when adding bonuses to their offer.


To make things even easier for you, I’ve put together a handy dandy bonus blueprint that will help you figure out which bonus(es) are right for your next promotion. You can grab the: 4-Phase Blueprint: How To Create “Sales Boosting” Bonus Packages by CLICKING HERE!

In this week’s episode, we talk about…

  • The power of bonuses and how they can turn a maybe into a YES
  • The benefits of adding the right bonus to your program to enhance your client experience and make more sales
  • The 4 common types of bonuses to consider adding to your program to increase the perceived value
  • Common mistakes to avoid when adding bonuses to your program offer
  • The importance of planning your bonuses while you plan your entire sales campaign so they are in complete alignment with your program offer

If you are ready to boost your program sales with bonuses, grab your headphones and get cozy because I’m ready to dive in!

Join me here to learn more about how you can use program bonuses to boost your sales.



I recently did two very powerful free trainings inside my private Facebook group.

The first one was when I did live audits of our members’ Facebook business pages and website home pages as of way of helping with their client attracting marketing message. I shared my simple strategy of using a 3-question quiz to dial it in so it’s laser focused and attracts a stream of ideal clients.

The second training I did is called: What To Do When Resistance Holds You Back

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These trainings are free for all of my group members.


Hope to see you in the group.