This 4-month private-coaching program was designed for motivated self-starters who need laser guidance on specific challenges with designing and executing an online marketing and business strategy.

The focus is on individualized attention and guidance in mapping out and implementing a marketing plan that achieves your business objectives and sales goals.

Karen’s clients have nicknamed her the “In-The-Trenches” Coach because she is consistently available to answer questions and provide ongoing support.

“My email list grew 82%, my Instagram followers doubled and I’ve 3x my revenue for each new client.”

With Karen’s help I created a signature workshop around the topic of IBS and now I’m booked out 3 months in advance. I’m so excited about that because I know that workshops get me new clients and builds my email list every time. Plus, I’m charging for the workshops that I’m leading so even if I walk away with no clients I’m still generating $300 per talk. So, YAY ME!

Before working with Karen my coaching business was very general. My niche’ was focused on digestive health, which turned out to be way too broad. My email list wasn’t growing and I didn’t have consistent revenue coming in at that time. I felt like I was working my butt off and I wasn’t getting any results.

I had tried working through a couple of online programs and never got the promised results. I knew what I really needed was a business coach that would work with me privately. I wanted someone to help me build a business model that was unique to my skills and expertise.

The reason I decided to go with Karen, (I had been searching for 6 months), is she gets into the details. It’s not just big picture stuff. That’s where I felt I was missing something and I needed someone to help me dig into the details. I knew I was going to get really solid, unlimited, one-on-one support during our time together.

During our very first coaching call, Karen encouraged me to niche’ down even further in the digestive health space. She said I should focus on only IBS as my target audience and it has been a game changer.

Karen helped me drill down on a clear marketing message across all the pages on my website as well as on social media.

While working with Karen she encouraged me to start charging what I am worth, which is something that I wasn’t doing before. It’s made a huge difference in revenue. Even if I book the same number of clients, I’m making triple the amount I made before. I’m also able to give more to my clients and spend more time with them because I’m charging what I’m worth. That has been a huge deal.

During our 6 months together, we put more focus on what had been working for me in the past, which is leading workshops. Every time I lead a workshop I always sign a client.

With Karen’s help I created a signature workshop around the topic of IBS and now I’m booked out 3 months in advance. I’m so excited about that because I know that workshops get me new clients and builds my email list every time. Plus, I’m charging for the workshops that I’m leading so even if I walk away with no clients I’m still generating $300 per talk. So, YAY ME!

Last year I had an online group program that I tried to launch two times and no one bought it. Since working through the details with Karen I’ll be relaunching it again next month with a brand-new marketing message geared toward IBS. I haven’t even really put it out into the world yet and I already have 3 people on the wait list ready to join so I’m pretty optimistic this go around.

The other thing that has been instrumental in my success is that Karen helped me figure out my ideal client customer journey. Now that she’s explained to me how this works I have found it so helpful and I apply this technique to everything that I create.

Since working with Karen my email list has grown by 82% and my Instagram following has doubled. I’ve made 6 sales of my 21-day IBS program and signed 4 new long-term private coaching clients.

If a coach is thinking about working with Karen, I would say do it. Karen puts her heart into it and treated my business as her own. Karen has been my biggest cheerleader this entire time. It’s so nice to have that support from someone that knows the inside out of your business as much as you do. I love the business model that we’ve created together and feel so confident in my marketing skills and business opportunities for the future.

Private Coaching with Karen includes:

  • An in-depth business assessment that you’ll complete to get you clear on what needs to be addressed first in your business over the course of our work together. (a $2,500 value)
  • Eight (8) private high-level, strategic coaching calls with Karen (Two 60-minute coaching calls per month for four months), plus call recordings. (a $9,000 value)
  • Unlimited access to Karen’s Signature Program, STEP Into More Profits, (lifelong access), where you’ll have unlimited access to the self-study program that breaks down the 4-Cornerstones of a Successful Online Business: Client Identity, Client Attraction, Client Conversion and Client Retention.  This program is an incredible resource while working with Karen privately. (a $1,000 value)
  • A private online project management workspace where you and Karen will interact regularly, as needed, between coaching calls to keep you on track in meeting your 4-month goals as projected. (a $6,000 value)
  • Karen will work with you closely on your first, (or next), Facebook Advertising Campaign to increase projected results. She will show you the key components to a successful Facebook ads campaign, how to decipher the ads analytics to determine success and how to tweak when necessary. (a $3,500 value)
  • Total Value: $22,000

“Karen is the best investment I’ve made in my business. It’s already paid for itself and then some. I want her by my side all of the time.”

Maureen Witten

Listen as Maureen describes her coaching experience.

Requirements to work with Karen are:

  • Your business must have been in business for a minimum of 1 year
  • You must have a Facebook Business page
  • You must have a Facebook Advertising account
  • You must have an Email Management system in place (such as: AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit)
  • You must have a working website
  • You must be willing and able to invest a minimum of $150 per month in paid advertising

Hiring Karen was the best decision I’ve ever made for my business. During our time together my client base has grown and my email list has tripled. It’s been amazing from the very beginning.”

          Karen makes you feel like you’re her only client. Coaching with Karen is a very personal relationship. I’ve felt from the very beginning that she’s not only my business mentor but also my friend. She makes you feel like she’ll always be there for you.

When I started my coaching business it was like a “scatter-shot” approach. Just throw it out there and see who it hits. I was getting clients, but it was a hodge-podge. It drove me crazy because I didn’t have one type of ideal client.

Karen knows everything there is to know about Facebook marketing. She taught me how to do research on my niche’ market, allowing me to know what my people are really looking for and gravitating toward. Because she walked me through the steps to do that and how to put together Facebook ads with the exact right words, image, and targeting for my ideal client, I now have a huge following in the United Kingdom.

Karen helped me create a unique blueprint just for my business and ideal client. Everything she does is specific to my needs and my business. She taught me how to get organized and focus on my ideal client. I’m very confident to use the skills and systems Karen taught me over and over in the future for new projects, like my new book that is coming out soon. All I have to do is rinse and repeat.

Doneane Beckcom Reese

Interested in working with Karen privately?

Schedule a Strategy Session with Karen by clicking the button below. Next fill out the Strategy Session Questionnaire. Once you submit the questionnaire you’ll be taken to Karen’s calendar to schedule your call. This call is for serious applicants only. It is designed to determine if you and Karen are a good fit for one another for maximum results working with her through her private coaching program. (Karen does not give coaching advice on the Strategy Session call.)

“With Karen’s help with Facebook advertising I am averaging 10 new email subscribers into my list per day.

During the time that I worked with Karen my email list doubled in size. After working with her I just thought I wished I would have found her and worked with her years before I did because I would be in a completely different place in my business.”

Angie Jones

Listen as Angie describes her coaching experience.

 Your 4-Month Private coaching investment is 

a one-time payment of $5,500 (a generous savings of $500)


4 payments of $1,497

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