I have always been a person that believed in the power of my thoughts.  Many times in my life my thoughts have manifested themselves into wonderful and unexpected events that, quite frankly, are completely unexplainable.  What I didn’t realize before was that it wasn’t just the power of my thoughts that were making things happen for me, it was the “Power of My Intention”.

The Power of Intention

You may be the kind of person that totally understands that statement and believes it whole heartedly.  On the other hand, you may think that it sounds sort of “woo-hoo-ish” and like a bunch of phooey.  If you are the latter, I ask you to stick with me through the rest of this article.  I have a strong feeling that you may have a change of heart by the end.  I believe it will become clear to you how this tool will be the most powerful asset in your business plan.

Over the past four years I have truly believed that there was something bigger that I should be doing with my life but I wasn’t quite sure what it was.  I kept telling my husband, “I’m not sure what it is yet but I know I will figure it out”.  About two years ago I unexpectedly was introduced to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I knew immediately, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was the beginning of the journey I was destined to take.  Years prior, I had set the intention to find what I was meant to do and now, suddenly, I was confronted with the reality of it.  It seriously felt like a lightning bolt.  I never make an on-the-spot decision.  I’m the kind of analytical person that thinks things through.  I weigh my options and then decide.  That isn’t what happened this time.  Completely out of character for me I made the decision immediately, within minutes, to attend the school.

The process I’m describing, in which you live a life that includes setting intentions, is an extremely powerful business building tool.  Through my research, I have found that many well-known, extremely successful people use this technique regularly.  It is the basis for their lives and their businesses.  People like Tony Robbins, (Life Coach), Oprah Winfrey, (Television Icon), Lady Gaga, (Musical Phenomenon) and Suze Orman, (Financial Guru) have often spoken of their intentions.  They talk regularly about how they remain consciously aware of the purpose of their intention and how it significantly plays a role in their continued success. By knowing who their target market is and who they are serving their intention remains crystal clear.

Another example of using intention for business, and a little closer to home for me, would be my father-in-law, Joe.  In 1974 Joe took a leap of faith by quitting his job to start his own commercial caulking company.  (Yes, I said caulking.  And yes, it’s the same caulk you use on your bathtub, just on a much larger scale.)  Our company provides caulking services for commercial buildings, inside and out. 

When Joe started his business in 1974 his intention wasn’t to be the biggest caulking company out there or to have the highest profit margin.  He took a different and unique approach.  He set his intention to give the best customer service possible.  He was fair, he went above and beyond to satisfy his customers and more importantly he was true to his word.   These were the traits that set him apart from the bigger companies.  By clearly envisioning what he wanted for his company Joe set the wheels in motion for tremendous success. 

Through Joe’s intention he defined his target market and created a niche that grew his business beyond his wildest dreams.  The first year he struggled, making only a fraction of what he had earned at his previous job.  The second year he made as much as when he had worked for someone else. And by the third year his income grew measurably, just like his reputation, and as the famous saying goes, “the rest is history”.  He never compromised his intention of superb customer service and today, 38 years later, the business has a reputation that is second to none and still thriving.

The lesson to be learned from all of these people is that when you have a clear intention for your business and the people you serve it will ultimately lead to your defining message and success.  Once your defining message is clear you will immediately know who your target market is and how you want to serve them.

I know you may feel that it is a scary thing to draw a line in the sand and say that you only want to serve a certain target market.  However, it is by taking this step, through setting your intention, that you will attract your perfect clients.  Serving your perfect clients will deliver to you a feeling of fulfillment and success.

Wayne Dyer, an internationally known best selling author, has said, “The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.”  That sounds pretty darn good doesn’t it?

So how do you create an intention that becomes fulfilled?  There are four critical steps:

  1. Take time alone to really decide what you want your intention to be.  Be specific!  Make it an attainable goal that you feel is comfortable for you.  Remember, come from the place of service.  Who do you want to serve and why?
  2. Share your intention with someone.  Also, speak your intention aloud every single day.  Imagine in your mind that you have already accomplished it.  What does that look like?  Make it as real and vivid as possible.
  3. Do something today that takes you one step closer to your intention.  Write it down in a journal so you’ll be able to reflect on your successes.  Give yourself a pat on the back with each success so it reminds you that you are unstoppable.
  4. Get really, really clear on your intention by writing a paragraph that describes what reaching your goal looks like in your mind.  You see that everything you’ve previously thought and felt is now a reality.  How does that feel?  Conversely, write a paragraph describing how it feels to not reach your goal.  What is the pain associated with not experiencing the success of making your intention a reality?  Take the time necessary to emotionally and physically connect to both sides.  Experience it in your mind as if it were real.

I believe in my heart that this process is a “Must-Do” for a healthy and thriving business.  It is the truest form of knowing and serving your clients. I know that since I began my journey at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition my life’s intention has never been clearer.  I feel that I am being pulled in the direction to serve all of you.  I know I am supposed to share my story and business experiences to help you in your journey.  So my question to you is, “Who are you going to serve once your intention crystallizes?”

What’s your intention?

I would be so honored if you would share your intention with me.  Please visit my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KarenPattockbiz to give me your input.  As you’re posting, imagine that your comment is inspiring someone else that is struggling.  Please join me in moving through this world deliberately and with conviction.  Together we can create the change that our world needs.

To Your Business Success,


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