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When I first started my health coaching business, I was doing all the right things but I didn’t have a system to follow that would streamline my day-to-day tasks or improve the consistency of my income from month-to-month.

During my first few calls with a business mentor, it became apparent that I needed to create my own coaching program because that was the thing that would offer me consistent monthly income. #yesplease

And this meant I needed a way to attract clients to my new business and keep them interested in ways to work with me.

It all sounded like a great idea when we talked about creating content for my audience, but when I started to map out content to attract potential clients to me, I wasn’t exactly sure what my followers wanted and needed from me.

I had a long list of possible topics, but no way of knowing for sure if those topics would attract the right clients.

I felt like I was throwing a dart at the board with a blindfold on each time I sat down to create free or paid content.

That was before my coach told me to create a survey, send it out to my email list asking them for feedback about exactly what type of content they would find the most beneficial.

I followed her brilliant instructions, sent out my very first survey and got over 70 responses.

It was a treasure trove of information that included everything from their biggest challenges (in their own words) to how much they were willing to pay for my support (and it wasn’t always the least expensive option).

And that’s really important information to know before you create any new content.


I have continued to regularly use surveys in my business for the last 10 years and the information is always insightful and surprising (you never know what your audience is thinking until you ask).

Surveys and polls are a way to open up the lines of communication between you and your followers so you can dial in on exactly what they want to learn from you in your free content as well as your paid content.

There are two main components of a good survey to find out what they really want from you:

1) Your Audience

First, and most importantly, be sure that the audience you are surveying is one that is made up of your dream clients. Having anyone else give their opinion just skews the results. The best audience you can have is either 1) your email list or 2) your own private Facebook group. These are the people that will share the most resourceful information and are the warmest leads for you and your content.

Polling your following on social media is also a great option but remember, it has the potential to be a little more general depending on the type of information you put out to attract your audience. This is still a great option though so be sure to take advantage of it.

2) Your Topic

Next up, it’s necessary to know what you specifically want to know more about and that will help you grow your email list and business brand. When I do monthly livestreams in my Facebook group I always look for topics that I have downloadable resources for that I can offer. That way it becomes a list building opportunity for me and the resources make the livestream more actionable for my viewers. That’s often how I make my survey list to begin with.

In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast we are walking you through 3 types of surveys and polls that you can modify for your business. They include…

  • Your Survey Questions

  • Your Social Media Poll Questions

  • Your Program Content Questions

I am a firm believer that before you create any new content for your dream clients, whether it’s a freebie or paid program content, you should first survey them to see what it is they really want.


It’s really easy to follow an idea of something you think your audience wants, when in fact they aren’t really interested in that topic at all.

It’s so disappointing when you put something out there that you’ve been working on and your audience doesn’t respond or show any interest.

But it’s also really easy to create content that your audience is crabbing from you when you tap into the power of surveys and polls.

In episode 323 of The Wellness Business Podcast we talk about how to make sure you’re creating the content that our ideal clients want from us:

  • The importance of surveying your audience before creating any new content for your health coaching clients, to ensure that your content aligns with their preferences

  • Why surveys and polls are powerful tools for gauging audience interest and desires by actively involving your dream clients in decision-making processes

  • The key to obtaining accurate survey results starts with surveying your dream clients directly through your email list, private Facebook group and loyal social media following vs. a general audience that may or may not be interested in your area of expertise

  • Why surveying your audience not only helps shape your free content but also leads your paid program creation by understanding your clients’ challenges, interests, and preferred program features

For all the information on creating content creation surveys for your audience, then listen to episode 323 of the Wellness Business Podcast!

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