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It’s photoshoot day!

Well, almost. 🙂

In just a couple weeks, Kathleen and I are getting new professional pics taken and right now we’re in planning and prep mode.

What we’ve realized over the years, (after more photo shoots than we can count), is that the more we plan ahead for our big day for the shots that we want, the better our photo shoot will be.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we prep when we hire a professional photographer.

We’re getting together in Scottsdale, Arizona and are bringing back an amazing photographer that we’ve worked with twice in the past and we’re excited. This photographer fits our style, gets our vibe, and does her very best to make an otherwise uncomfortable situation as comfortable as possible.

Let’s face it, getting your picture taken over and over again for hours is not a great time but it is necessary when you have an online business.

So, if I’m being honest, I’m nervous. The morning-of I always feel sick to my stomach and feel my ‘introvert’ traits taking charge.

That’s why, this year, I have a little trick up my sleeve that should take the edge off of posing for hundreds of pictures and I’m sharing all about it on the podcast. Be sure to listen in to take my idea if getting your picture taken makes you feel awkward.

In this episode, we also discuss the fact that photo shoots aren’t just about the clothes you wear or whether you’re having a good hair day. There are several key factors to consider like location, props, plus a whole lot more, so we’re letting you in on how we make decisions for each of them.

Since this is a Takeaway Tuesday episode, we’re also diving into a trending health coach realted topic related that relates to the free offer you have on your website.

We’ve seen a trend lately of coaches only having pop ups on their website vs. a static opt-in opportunity. We’re sharing why we believe it’s important to have both. If you’re ready to increase the number of subscribers you add to your email list each month, be sure to listen in. More on this below.


It’s always more fun for us to do our photo sessions together so we’re taking you behind the scenes of how we are getting things set up.

We chose an Airbnb that has lots of colors, fun furniture, textured walls, etc. to bring interest to our photos.

5 examples of the types of photos we’re going to have taken are:

1) With computer sitting at a table or desk

2) Looking at our phone

3) Head shot (chest up)

4) Outside leaning against post or tree

5) Looking to the side for quotes or captions

If you’re planning to have pics taken at some point this year remember that props are important.

We always make sure that we have props for these photo shoots, including:

  • Computer

  • Phone

  • Book(s)

  • Journal

  • Coffee cup

  • Notebook/Pen

AKA – Things that you would normally have around you when you’re working.

If your photographer will travel a bit and visit multiple locations, suggestions for an interesting backdrop are:

  • Coffee shops

  • Walls with visual interest/texture

  • Beautiful landscaping

  • Ocean/water

Also, these are easy to capture with your phone whenever you’re out and about. Keep it casual.

Another way to prep ahead of time is to pull together a collection of screenshots of photos you like from other online biz owners. That way you can show them to your photographer to make things go more smoothly and guarantee you get what you want.

The other thing we’re doing this time that is new for us is filming a bunch of B-roll for doing Instagram Reels. We have a long list of ideas and we’re hoping to get 15-20 each recorded while we’re together.

These we can do on our own phones and we should be able to get multiple shots over the three days we’re together.


Now that we’ve shared our business update, we want to cover another trending topic that we feel is very important to bring up –

The benefits of having a static opt-in on your website homepage as well as the popup.

That way when someone clicks away from the popup they still have a chance to get back to the opt-in to take action.

I recently did 18 website homepage audits in my Health Coach Client Attraction Group and 10 out of 18 had popups with no static opt-in on their homepage.

It’s a lost opportunity to capture the website visitors’ email information.

If you have an opt-in / free download and it’s not converting please don’t feel like you have to start from scratch. It may be that you need to tweak one thing or another which could be an easy fix.

We just did an episode a couple of weeks ago that will help you troubleshoot before you scrap things and start over. Listen here: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Free Offer Isn’t Converting Well and How to Fix it.


In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • Our behind-the-scenes tips and strategies to have a successful photo shoot complete with a list of props to make your pictures more interesting
  • A list of places in your local area that make fantastic backdrops for casual photos on social media or B-roll opportunities for Instagram Reels
  • Our recommendations for the best place to locate your opt-in opportunity on your website and whether pop-ups are still a good idea

To make your business photoshoot efficient and fun, learn more in episode 346 of the Wellness Business Podcast!


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