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The ability to create a community around a similar topic or interest is one of the best marketing strategies available today.

I’ve been running Facebook groups for several years, and I love hosting them as a way to connect with my tribe on a deeper and more meaningful level. I believe hosting your own group can be one of the best things you can do to attract prospective clients, warm them up, and lead them to your paid programs.

Currently there are many platform options available to build a community. While Facebook is an easy option, it’s not always the best fit when you are cultivating a wellness community.


This week, on The Wellness Business Podcast, we invited Phil Beene, community building expert, to share a variety of options available to health coaches and wellness business owners.


Facebook has a lot of things going for it. Almost all of your ideal clients are logging into the platform at least once per day. They are spending time connecting with friends and family and more than likely are active inside a few different groups that interest them.

From an ease of use standpoint, it doesn’t get much more convenient than Facebook.

On the other hand, we need to address the elephant in the room. There are more and more people leaving Facebook because they are tired of the changing rules and a lack of being shown content from their favorite resources.

Getting clear on where your ideal clients stand will help you decide whether your community should be built on Facebook or another platform.


The biggest pro for choosing a platform outside of Facebook is that many of them allow you to incorporate coaching resources, individualized content and a privacy factor between you and your client.

Many allow you to upload your coaching program content and structure it more like a course. This can be seen as a positive by your ideal client.

The downside, as I said before, is that some of your clients may not be excited to have another app to open and check on a daily basis.


Many of my clients say that they aren’t tech savvy. I get it because I’m not either but I do have an amazing resource that keeps me moving in the right direction. That resource is YouTube!

On YouTube you have access to free video tutorials for just about every possible platform out there. You can quickly become tech savvy just by watching one or two videos which makes setup easy.

Let’s not forget that any platform you choose will also have training videos to support you as well as a customer service department to answer your questions.

Never let technology slow you down or keep you from making a decision that is right for your ideal clients.


  • Options for online communities that are not on a social media platform
  • Pros and cons of hosting your group somewhere else
  • The functionality of some of the other community platforms

If you’ve been looking for the perfect online community platform to engage with your clients in your paid programs, in this episode Phil shares some of the best options to choose from!

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