TV Episode #13 – Optimize Your
Facebook Engagement

This week we’re going to continue our training on Facebook with a training that teaches you how to ‘Optimize Your Facebook Engagement’.

Once again I’m taking you behind my computer for this training. I’m going to show you many different examples of the types of posts you can use on your own Facebook business page that will increase the conversation between you and your followers.

As part of building your health, wellness and fitness business you’ll want to continue to grow the number of followers you have on your Facebook page. It increases your social proof as well as consistently increases the number of people you have to market your products and services to.

This training will teach you how to keep your page informative, inspirational & fun all while establishing your expertise in the health and fitness industry.

Hang on to your hat… we’re going to have some fun!

With love & support,
Karen Pattock








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