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If you’re like me, you spend more time thinking about how to ‘GET’ clients than you do about how to wrap up your coaching program with them.

That’s understandable but today I want to discuss the importance of a quality offboarding process which will do wonders for your business overall.

Sounds exciting, right?

I recently asked a question in my Facebook group that sparked a conversation among coaches that I thought would be beneficial to The Wellness Business Podcast listening community, (that’s you 😉).

The question I asked was: ‘Do you have an offboarding (feedback) questionnaire that you send to your clients?’

I was so surprised that most coaches don’t have an offboarding process but many said they want one.


Reason #1: Your offboarding process sets the stage to end your coaching relationship on a high note, solidifying the overall coaching experience as a positive. It also increases the likelihood that you’ll be able to collect a glowing testimonial.

Many coaching programs last anywhere from 3-6 months and your clients have been in the trenches with you the entire time. As with most of us, we’re not great at remembering how far we’ve come and don’t spend enough time celebrating our wins. When you help your client reflect back on where they were when they started with you and what life looked like then compared to now they’ll begin to take stock of all of their accomplishments.

Reason #2: When you end on a high note the chance of them referring you to friends, family and colleagues goes up dramatically.

Let’s face it, people always recommend programs and products that they love so why should your coaching program be any different? Using my 7-Step Offboarding Questionnaire will help them appreciate how far they’ve come as well as an increased appreciation for their newfound confidence to move forward without you, which is priceless.

Reason #3: It gives you a time and place to offer them a final piece of coaching advice inclusive of instructions for continued success as well as a heartfelt thank you.

It’s natural for your clients to feel a little nervous moving on without you but we already know that you set them up for success. Taking the opportunity to give them farewell assignments or homework to keep them on track will be much appreciated and tells them just how much you care. As you wrap up it’s the perfect time for you to tell them how much they have meant to you.

I remember when I recorded the final training for my beta group of my STEP Into More Profits program I actually cried. I left that part in the recording because I wanted to be sure that my clients knew how much I appreciated them and how much I felt like I had grown as their coach. I received so much feedback about that final recording it blew my mind.


In this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast you’ll discover:

  • The top 3 reasons why offboarding clients this is an important part of your coaching program and will leave them feeling like they made the right decision to work with you
  • A 7-Step Offboarding Questionnaire template that you can use again and again in your program for improved customer experiences
  • Just how simple it is to assist your clients to remember and document how far they’ve come while working with you and why they are so happy they made the investment in your paid program

If you don’t have an official offboarding process and questionnaire as you wrap up working with your clients you’ll find this episode exceptionally helpful.

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