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Many coaches overlook or ignore the niche part of their business even though it is the most important and vital aspect of having a business.

What is true for all of us as online business owners is if we aren’t crystal clear on who are business is designed to serve then there is no way that we can convey that in our marketing. If we aren’t conveying it in our marketing then our ideal clients will never even notice us.


One of the quickest ways to figure out if you have a clear niche that others understand and if your messaging is spot on actually speaking clearly to your ideal client, is to try mine and Kathleen LeGrys’s 3-step ideal client validation process.

This is a simple process but please don’t underestimate its value because it will quickly tell you if you are portraying a clear picture of the clients you are trying to attract.

The main purpose of this exercise is to confirm that you are clearly marketing to your ideal dream clients. Oftentimes it is only clear to the business owner because our brains naturally fill in so many of the blanks but that isn’t the case for others connecting with us online.

Step #1: Ask 3-5 people, who don’t really know what you do, to audit your Facebook page or any social media platform that you regularly spend time on & your website home page using these 3 questions:

  1. Who do you serve?
  2. How will you help?
  3. Will this work for me?

You can ask coworkers, reach out to another coach, or maybe even a neighbor. Ideally, if they can’t accurately and concisely answer those questions you’ve got work to do.

Step #2: Document their answers and then analyze their feedback. Are they totally confused about what you do and who you help? Or are they pretty close but you now realize that with a little fine-tuning you’ll have it dialed in perfectly? If they come back with more questions than answers then you may need a complete overhaul.

Step #3: Next, do the work! Use the responses that you received to update all of your outward facing marketing platforms like social media and your website. The feedback that you receive is absolute gold and will make it incredibly easy to make sure the messaging you are using will, in fact, attract your dream clients.


In episode 265 of The Wellness Business Podcast we be share:

  • 3 simple steps to validate your niche marketing message so you are undoubtedly attracting your dream clients
  • The biggest reason we struggle with dialing in our messaging and how to quickly turn that around so what you’re putting out there is laser focused
  • A glimpse into one of our most popular lessons inside the Wellness Business Accelerator – Business-Building Lesson Library and how you can get your hands on it for just $97

If you want to make sure your marketing materials have the right message to attract your ideal clients, this episode is for you.

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