What would you say if I told you I could teach you a business growth and client-attraction formula that would speed up your results in as little as 60 days?

Would you be excited to learn what the formula is?

Quite often health coaches ask me a question that starts with the words:

“What’s the best way to ________?”

You can fill in that blank with the thing you feel the most challenged by…

…the best way to grow my email list?
…the best way to attract new clients?
…the best way to get people excited about my paid program?
…the best way to fill my program the next time I open the doors?

I believe that all of us need to find a process or system to build the business that works for us based on our personality, time restraints, and other obligations.

That’s why this week on The Wellness Business Podcast we’re sharing The Formula for Getting New Clients Consistently in 2024.


There are fundamental commonalities between all successful online businesses that need to be considered when starting and building your business.

Today we’re discussing our 4-component formula to take action and completely transform your business, and we’ll be walking you through each one so you can implement them strategically.

Component 1 – Identify 

As you probably already guessed, IDENTIFY is the first step in our 4 part process because it’s all about identifying your marketable ideal client. A marketable ideal client is someone who knows they have a problem, is in the process of seeking a solution, and has money they can invest in that solution.

The reason this is important is because if your ideal client is missing any of those three attributes you’ll struggle to get clients. You have to have a crystal clear marketing message that speaks clearly to the problem and symptoms your dream clients are trying to find a solution to.

For example, when we worked with Courtney inside our Wellness Business Accelerator program she got these results: 

Using our unique process to dial in and identify her ideal customer was a game-changer for Courtney. Once she applied what we teach it was clear to her dream clients what she had to offer and how it would help them reach their goals. We’ve worked with many clients just like Courtney who have been close to giving up so many times on their business. Maybe you can relate to her experience of struggling for years before finally having the right coaches like us and the right formula to dial in on her marketable ideal client which finally had sales rolling in. 

Component 2 – Attract 

Once you’re clear on who your marketable ideal client is, now it’s time to decide how you are going to ATTRACT those people particularly when you are launching your program. 

Creating a launch plan ahead of time makes all the difference in whether you have a successful launch or one where you hear crickets and walk away feeling defeated. In the Wellness Business Accelerator program, we teach you the exact steps necessary to execute a prelaunch runway that will not only get your followers and subscribers excited about your program before opening your doors, but will increase your overall number of sales during your open cart period.

Component 3 – Convert 

COVERT simply refers to any time you guide a new email subscriber or social media follower to take action with you in incremental steps that eventually leads to that person becoming a paying client.

A couple of the biggest challenges that we know many health coaches face is that they aren’t making offers often enough and they aren’t exactly sure how to make sales without feeling salesy. We get it, none of us want to feel salesy, but when you have a program that you believe in and you know it gets results you have to build up the confidence to invite people to join you.

For instance, we believe 100% in the power of our Wellness Business Accelerator program to change the trajectory of your business to one that is profitable and scalable.

We have testimonial after testimonial from past clients sharing their personal stories of struggle to triumph using our unique system and coaching support. We know it worked for them and will work for you too if you follow what we teach. 

Component 4 – Repeat 

This might be our favorite step because it’s the one that does all of the heavy lifting for you again and again while you reap all of the rewards in the months and years to come.

You see, the first time you set something up, or run a launch for the first time, it’s always the hardest. It’s when you create the most content, feel the most out of your comfort zone, and need to overcome those limiting beliefs.

However, once you have gone through the process following our step-by-step system, you will be able to REPEAT it over and over again without anything more than a few minor tweaks to your content.


In episode 358 of The Wellness Business Podcast, we’re discussing our new client formula to attract and convert new clients in 2024 consistently.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 4 main components that make up our business growth formula and how you can implement them into your coaching practice
  • The individual and successful process several coaches took to move from struggling to enrolling new clients in a short period of time
  • Why planning ahead, at least 30 days before a launch, can significantly increase the number of clients you enroll during the open cart period

This is one podcast that you’ll want to listen to as soon as possible because Kathleen and I are making a time-sensitive offer that could completely change how you approach your business and the results that you get this year and beyond.

Get excited to PUSH PLAY because we’re sharing all the juicy details.


We’ve designed the Wellness Business Accelerator for coaches just like you who want to grow their business without spending countless hours on social media each week AND who want a proven system for reaching their ideal clients online and consistently enrolling new clients within 60 days.

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