Nailing your niche is one of the most important steps you can take in your business. Without a niche, it becomes difficult to attract the right people and explain to others what you really do.

You know the feeling when someone asks you what you do in your business and you end up giving them a 10 minute description of who you help, everything that is included in your program and then to top it all off you give them your website URL so they can check it out?


It’s an unsettling feeling for sure and it seems like the more you try to explain yourself the more confused they get. #beenthere

Wouldn’t you just love to share what you do and who you help in one simple statement with confidence and excitement? 

Great, because this week on Episode 216 of The Wellness Business Podcast we’re sharing 3 Simple Steps To Nailing Your Niche.

If you’ve struggled in the past to figure out your niche, it can feel frustrating. You are not alone because most health coaches don’t find this easy to do, but we are going to walk you through a process in this episode that is going to help you get clarity so the next time someone asks you what you do you can answer them in a single sentence.

There are 3 P’s to this 3-Step formula, and we’re diving into each of them on this episode:

  1.    People – Who you help
  2.   Problem – The problem they have
  3.   Process – How you help them – the solution


 The first step to nailing your niche is identifying the people you help with your business.

For example, you might help women, men, moms, dads, executives, teachers, healthcare workers, etc.? Figuring out WHO you help is usually the easiest part of nailing your niche.

Sometimes, choosing an age range is appropriate too. If you want to help women over 50, your messaging and content will be different than it would be if you’re helping new moms. That’s why the more specific you can be the easier it will be to get the attention of the people you want to support.

When you’ve defined who your ideal client is, you are already going to be set up for success. Take a listen to Mark’s story on how he found a unique niche he loves and landed a 5-figure contract.


When you’re considering your niche, you also want to determine the problems you help your ideal clients solve.

What are these problems? What is it that they are struggling with or trying to figure out? Maybe it’s about reaching a goal such as running a first 5k.

The other examples of problems your ideal clients are experiencing could be things such as:

  • Food sensitivities
  • Weight gain
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Not knowing what to eat now that they have Diabetes

Once you’ve determined how you will help your clients, they will immediately know whether or not your programs or services are the right fit for them, just like Andrea did when she landed 3 new dream clients after defining her niche. 


The final step to nailing your niche is to identify the process you use to help your ideal clients reach their goals or help with the problem they are looking for help to resolve. Consider these questions:

  • How do you help these people get the result they want?
  • What process do you use?

This is where you can really stand out and claim that your process is what they need to get the desired transformation. 

Is your process/solution a whole foods diet, carb counting, keto, vegan, yoga or kettlebell workouts, or is it something else?

Ready to nail your niche? Get started with The Niche Companion Workbook.


Knowing your niche is important because when you narrow in on a specific demographic and you have a solution to their problem, you will attract the right people and repel the wrong people, and that’s what you want.

 If you try to be for everyone, your message becomes generic, wishy washy and not compelling enough for people to want to take action or enroll in your programs.

 Once you have this dialed in, you’ll feel confident about your niche and you’ll also be able to easily communicate the answer to “What do you do?” and the next time someone asks you that question you’ll be prepared with a single sentence statement that makes it perfectly clear. 

 Tune into this episode of The Wellness Business Podcast to learn more about the 3 steps, so you can finally nail your niche.

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